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  • 25yrs of New Outriders1992 - 2017 The New OutRiders Celebrating 25yrs of Online Gaming!!
  • ArcheAgeThe ArcheAge branch is under the leadership of Lord Imaultis, bringing the guild to the high seas!
  • Black Desert OnlineOur newest Branch of NOR is Black Desert Online, Dutchess SanSing is looking for a few good members to help him grow this exciting new realm!
  • Dungeons & Dragons OnlineOpened in 2006, DDO is the long time home of Lord Yavool and classic AD&D adventures.
  • Elder Scrolls Online Baron Tiamos has reopened the Elder Scrolls Online realm of NOR and is recruiting the finest gamers of Tamriel.
  • Guild Wars 2The Guild Wars II realm is being lead by Lady Zyera and Duke Windemere and Growing Fast.
  • NeverWinterOur most popular Free 2 Play branch is Neverwinter lead by Duchess Phelaia.
  • Star Wars:  The Old RepublicNOR is present on both Imperial and Republic factions and maintains a guild ship on both sides. This branch is currently under the command of Duke Intisar.
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