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The Writ of Welcome is one of three so-called writs previously issued by NOR as awards. The others are the Writ of Deed and Writ of Merit.

It is worth noting that a writ is not an award. It is an order from an authority, typically a court, requiring compliance by the recipient. The most commonly known type of writ in the United States is the Writ of Habeas Corpus, which compels someone holding a prisoner to produce that prisoner in person before the court and demonstrate they have the authority to hold that individual prisoner.

This award has been replaced by the Silver Gavel.


This award is granted to all members on the occasion of attending their first High Council Meeting. It is typically given has a hand written certificate by one of the Lords or Ladies present on whatever available scrap of paper can be stolen, scrawled hastily using crayon, a broken pencil or the member's own blood and presented to the awardee "suitable for framing".

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