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WoW Box Art
Ribbon: WoW.png
Server: Whisperwind
Server Type: PvE
Alignment: Alliance and Horde
Dates Occupied: November 23, 2004 - September 27, 2015
Previous Servers: Azgalor (Horde PVP)
Realm Leader: Roxanne
Branch Leader: vacant

Branch Closed

The World of Warcraft branch of NOR was opened on Nov. 23, 2004 with the launch of the game and continued as an active branch until September of 2015. At its peak it saw a membership of nearly 130 players with regular raid teams.

Officer Hierarchy

These officers, both active and retired are still active World of Warcraft players.

Active WoW Officers

Retired WoW Officers

Contact Information

Server: Whisperwind (PVE, Alliance & Horde)

In Game

  • by /tell or mail.

See who is online:

  • Type /who "OutRider"

Out of Game

  • On the NOR forums in the WoW forum section
  • Login to our Teamspeak 3 server
  • Email the Branch Leader

Any member with the rank of Baron or higher can get you a tag in Game, with the command "/ginvite playerName", be sure they fill out your member note.

Branch History

Going on ten years of existence, the World of Warcraft branch has had its ups and downs, and has vacillated between being one of NOR's most and least active branches.

Eagle/Cnedran • Nov. 23, 2004 - July 9, 2006

Lord Eagle and Countess Cnedran opened the branch with the blessing of the High Council as Realm and Branch Leader respectively. As could be expected, the WoW branch saw 21 members transfer to the branch within the game's first month.

The branch grew so quickly that Perrantin earned a promotion to Baron just five days after the game's release. On February 13 Cnedran earned a promotion to Duchess. A significant cross-section of the transfers to WoW were from the Dark Age of Camelot branch. There were two EverQuest branches in NOR. The larger of the two saw most of its members move to EverQuest 2 (which released a few weeks ahead of WoW), while many of the members of the smaller branch (which was closed by this point) moved to World of Warcraft.

There was no open bitterness, but the DAoC and EverQuest contingents never seemed to mesh.

By June of 2005, membership in the World of Warcraft branch had grown to an official count of 69 players, but play time across the board was down, and most nights you wouldn't see more than a handful of members online, double digits was exceedingly rare.

By July of 2006, the branch population was still listed as 63 members, but it was effectively dead. A change was needed. Eagle and Cnedran both took leaves of absence and the High Council tapped Duke Lasarian as Branch Leader.

Roxanne/Lasarian • July 9, 2006 - Jan. 27, 2008

Two things helped the guild return from its low point in 2006. First Lasarian brought new energy to the leadership roles, and all of the active officers of the branch responded accordingly, and second, the impending release of Burning Crusade (the greatest expansion pack in MMO history) saw the return of many of the members who were still technically on the roster, but were no longer active.

Lasarian oversaw the closure of the Horde branch on the Azgalor PVP server, and moved the Horde half of NOR to the Whisperwind PVE server, where the Alliance branch had always resided. This increased participation on the Horde branch, but its membership and activity would never match the Alliance side of the server.

Throughout the Burning Crusade (under Lasarian, and the other Branch Leaders), NOR consistently fielded 10-man raid groups for Karazahn, and eventually Zul Aman. NOR also participated in 25-man raid groups with allied guilds <Bandits Reborn> and <Golden Tigers>. During the last three months of Lasarian's tenure as Branch Leader, Lady Roxanne acted as Realm Leader.

Lasarian/Talolan • Jan. 27, 2008 - July 20, 2008

In January of 2008, the High Council came calling and Lasarian was promoted to Lord and Realm Leader, this precipitated the promotion of Count Talolan to Duke and Branch Leader.

During this time period the guild continued to thrive, but the seeds of dissent were starting to grow. Some members were starting to become embittered about the raid schedule, raid loot rewards, and raid roster. No firm guidelines for raid readiness were outlined in writing, and bickering was starting to become the rule of the day as players were left off of a night's raid, or somebody else the popular loot drop of the day.

While Talolan was an every day player before his promotion to Duke, after his promotion he soon ran into problems and his play time started to flag. In July he stepped down from the Branch Leader position.

Lasarian/Quielin • July 20, 2008 - Oct. 28 2008

Count Quielin was promoted to Duke and Branch Leader after Talolan stepped down and ran the branch through the end of the Burning Crusade expansion. The guild continued to raid regularly, and was still large and thriving, but personal issues precipitated him stepping down and giving back the Branch Leader title.

Lasarian/Gilenrod • Oct. 28, 2008 - June 28, 2009

With Quielin stepping down, Duke Gilenrod took the mantle of Branch Leader and rode the guild into the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

The guild continued to thrive through the WoLK expansion, and regularly fielded simultaneous 10-man raid teams.

EdU/Quielin • June 28, 2009 - ???

On June 28, 2009, the WoW Duchy welcomed it's new Chain of Command during it's bi-monthly duchy meeting.

Quielin again took up the mantle of Duke, vowing to continue to move the duchy forward with new activities and fun. He has appointed Mahina as Herald for the duchy.

Kraj was promoted to Count during a short ceremony presided over by yours truely ;) He will join Count Gustyn as one of our 2 counts.

Trebble and Enchantress graciously agreed to take on the responsibility of Baron and Baroness. They will join Baron Rallis in continuing to try to make the duchy better than ever!

Lord EdU will continue on as Realm Leader for the WoW duchy. Lady Roxanne will take over as Ambassador and Lord Emeritus Zifnab has agreed to head the DMG.

Roxanne/Rallis • April 20, 2010 -

Just before Cataclysm 2010 ToC VoA Onyxia ICC

  • August 24, 2010 • Horde plundering
September 2013 issue 14

I was graciously granted permission to tag alts and invite new members to the branch. If you need an alt tagged/invited please add me to your realID friends and /t me whenever. I am usually on in the evenings. Zuur#1387

I do want to try to start some recruiting this month and get a team together to do team challenges, heroics and scenarios and possibly Flex Raids.

Champion Malkion


Lasarian • February 2015 - August 2015

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