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Prior to 2011 New OutRiders did not have a single guild-wide website. The closest approximation had been individual branch sites the last of which was in 2006 for EQ and DAoC. What served as the guild website for the better part of ten years were the forums located at established by Raeana in 2002. In mid 2012 the server hosting those forums began to experience lag problems and members encountered great difficulty using them.

In March of 2011 Lasarian secured the domain In July of 2012 he opened a test forum on that site in the event that the old forums suddenly became unavailable or unusable. By August it was determined that the old forums were beyond recovery.

While the forums did serve to allow communication between the members of the branches it failed to provide some other much-needed services that Lasarian hoped to address by posting a single website for the entire guild.



The current website, email, forums and other online assets are hosted by HostGator under a "Hatchling" account, which provides unlimited disk space and bandwidth. We have been paying in three (3) year increments, which lowers our monthly cost to $3.96 per month vs. the monthly rate of $7.16.





The previous forums did have a section devoted to both the history of NOR and the guild documents, but there were awkwardly placed and difficult to navigate. The history concluded in around 2001? Lasarian was determined to fill in the missing pieces and continue to the narrative to recent events. The guild documents were intact but again, not as easy to find as they might be.


Annual Report






The online application is a single place where all prospective members may apply to the guild. It includes a brief introduction written by Roxanne and after the last update, the recruiting video "Is NOR for you?". Applicants provide some basic information, including which game they are playing, their character name and may answer a few voluntary questions.

That application is emailed automatically to the appropriate officer based on the applicant's game selection. That email includes a link that the officer may follow to approve or deny the application. This process may also be performed directly from the Roster's Admin Hub. If approved, the applicant will be sent an email informing them of such as well as providing information about the site, how to register to the forums, listen to the podcast or read the newsletter. The applicant's information is also automatically moved to the roster.

If denied, the applicant will receive a different email informing them of the denial, possible reasons why and who to contact for more information.

The initial version of the online application was written entirely by Lasarian and functioned well, but did not include the validation and security measures needed to protect the site. Shortly after going live it was pulled to protect the site from spammers. The application went live again after the last update and now includes those validation and security measures.





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