Venerable Order of Yserbius

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Name: Venerable Order of Yserbius
Type: Honors
Commissioned: Pending 2013
Preceded by: None
Succeeded by: None
First Awarded:
Total Awarded: 0
Ribbon VOY.png
Next Higher: None
Next Lower: Silver Starburst

Commissioned by the High Council in 2013, sponsored by Lasarian and intended to be the highest award offered by the guild. This is the only neck order award given by NOR and the first in the order of precedence.


This award may only be granted but once per year to members in service for five (5) or more years that currently or previously held an officer rank. The vote of the HC must be unanimous and may only be granted by the High Council.

This medal is awarded for service to NOR that is singularly above and beyond the call of duty. The candidate must truly have distinguished themselves in the eyes of their guildmates and the High Council for truly exceptional deeds on behalf of NOR.


The medal is a roped and banded medallion in silver, with a half-tone color image of the iconic "Volcano" of Yserbius fame. The ribbon is a gunmetal gray with a wide forsythia yellow band decorated by eight pointed stars in the middle, flanked by two narrower bands of the same color. The suspendor is a silver bar.


Privileges and courtesies

  • Recipients may opt to append their names with "VOY" or the alternate ribbon image. In the case of multiple awards with such privileges, the postnomial initial order of precedence is: VOY, SSD, GAT, MCMXCII, HPD. This order applies to the alternate ribbon images as well. The alternate ribbon version of this medal is shown on the table to the left. That image may be linked via: VOY Ribbon

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