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Teamspeak 3

In December of 2011 the High Council voted to relocate the guild supported VOIP used by the members as well as the host for High Council Meetings text communication from Ventrilo and mIRC respectively to Teamspeak 3 which supports both. Teamspeak 3 was used for five years until on July 31st of 2016 the High Council voted to discontinue the use of Teamspeak 3 and relocate these services to Discord.


Download the client here: Download TS3

Once installed, enter the information for the NOR server as follows:

Teamspeak 3 Connection Dialog Box

Server Address


Your most recognizable NOR name, preferably however you are listed on the roster.

Server Password

The server password is available to members on the forums. The Officer and High Council Closed Meeting channels require separate passwords.


In late 2010 Raeana was unable to pay the monthly fee and Ventrilo went down. Starting in January of 2011 she had to stop making payments of any kind, but did provide a means for someone else to step in. Roxanne covered the fees for three months and Lasarian took over from there for another six.

The Ventrilo server was under sole the control of Raeana. The only changes the members could make was providing a credit card to pay the monthly server fee. Changes to the account holder, email address and mostly importantly, the billing cycle could not be implemented.

As a consequence, the $25 monthly fee covered by Roxanne and then Lasarian, resulted in fees totaling $225 for a mere nine months of service. In contrast, the TS3 servers could be rented for up to twelve months in advance for a total of $86. This was an unfortunate waste of $140 owing entirely to the fact that control of the asset was in the hands of a single member who was no longer available.

While obviously being cheaper, it seemed agreed that TS3 was a superior program, easier to install and manage, better sound quality and offered the text feature necessary to conduct High Council Meetings. To that point, Lasarian cited greater access and visibility to the general membership of High Council members and their meetings using the same program used for VOIP.

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