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Talo in DAoC
Name: Talolan
Rank: Marquis
Current Realm: SWTOR
Office: Branch Leader; NOMAD
Podcast Host
Joined: Oct. 26, 2001
Awards: Forum Ribbon 04/14/2013
NOR Commendation Medal 12/08/2013
Roster: Talolan
Email: email Talolan

A member of *NOR/ since 2001, Talolan was recruited on Dark Age of Camelot by Aleena and active in the guild until 2008 when he stepped down as Branch Leader of World of Warcraft. He returned actively to the guild in 2012 as the host of the New OutRiders Podcast, and in 2013 returned to active player status in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Dark Age of Camelot

He joined DAoC at launch with a Firbolg Hero named "Talolan." While out questing in the woods one day, a bard named Aleena asked he he wanted to join her group. She was grouped with her sister Lakasha and their friend Tallanor.

Talo was the first recruit of NOR on Dark Age of Camelot to be squired as a full member of the guild, on Nov. 2, 2001. As he grew more confident with the game, he started taking a more active leadership role, and by the following March, he was promoted by Baron by Duke Skorj.

While a Baron, Talo joined the Dungeon Master Group as the Class Specialist for the Hero class, and as a Knight Protector. A year later in April of 2003, Talo accepted dual promotions, to the rank of Count, and to the role of Dungeon Master.

In october, 2003, Mythic launched their second paid expansion to Dark Age of Camelot, Trials of Atlantis, and Talo left the game for a new home.

World of Warcraft

Talo officially transfered to the World of Warcraft branch on December 15, 2004, and played the game until the release of Wrath of the Lich King in November of 2008.

The early days of the WoW branch were difficult. The branch was mostly populated by transfers from Dark Age of Camelot, but while a tight nit group, there was very little recruiting and the branch struggled.

A change in leadership precipiated by the return of then Marquis Lasarian ahead of the release of the Burning Crusade brought a renewed focus to the branch, and swiftly increased the branch's growth.

In July of 2007, Talolan offered to take over the vacant Barony of Dire Maul, and in September resumed his role as a Count for the County of Karazhan. Lasarian's promotion to the high council precipiated a change in the Branch Leader for World of Warcraft, and on January 27, 2008, Talolan was promoted to Duke and Branch Leader.

By November, ahead of the release of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, Talolan resigned his post and took a leave of absence from NOR.

Leave of Absence

After 7 solid years of MMO addiction, a burned out video card acted as a sign from the universe that Talo should step away from online gaming, and he took an official leave of absence from NOR.

While he poked his head into a few games from time to time, he never stuck around.

Return to *NOR/

In August of 2012 Talo made a conscious effort to reconnect with NOR, downloading Dungeons & Dragons Online because it was free-to-play, and in September started playing Guild Wars 2. Doing so he reconnected with long-time friends Lady Roxanne and Lord Lasarian, and they created the New OutRiders Podcast which he hosts.

In January of 2013, Talolan fully returned from his LOA, requesting to be placed on the roster for NOR in Star Wars: The Old Republic.


On October 6th, 2013, Talolan volunteered to be the Branch leader of the NOMAD provisional barony of the guild. NOMAD is a new endeavor for the guild and represents and effort to increase activity and recruiting from non-MMO channels, or to help manage players who play in many of our branches and can't commit to one.

Offices Held
Preceded by Office Succeeded by
Lasarian Branch Leader, World Of Warcraft
2008 - 2008
None Branch Leader, NOMAD
Oct, 2013 - Present

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