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Member and Non-Member Rank section

Each member of NOR is assigned a rank, starting with Recruit until their induction into the guild as a full member at the rank of Squire. A Recruit is not officially a member of NOR until Squired. Members may thereafter advance in rank in accordance with their own merit and at the discretion of their officers.

All ranks enjoy mutual reciprocity on all Branches of NOR. This means one’s rank on one realm is the same as the rank on another with all of the attendant privileges and responsibilities. Length of time in rank are guidelines only and neither a guarantee or requirement.

The current ranks of NOR are, in ascending order:

0. Ally (AL)

The Allies is the non-member status in the New OutRiders. This status is for raiding friends, friends and family that may have joined a realm, but for many reasons have not become members.

  1. If the Ally wears a NOR guild tag they must fill out a guild application.
  2. Allies wearing a guild tag must follow the guild charter's rules stated in the 'Admission' and 'Jacket Creed'.
  3. Allies may post on non-member sections of the forums and join members in VoIP channels.

1. Recruit (RT)

The recruitment time it is a trial period for both the recruit to see if NOR is the guild for them and for the officers to be sure the new recruit is a good fit for the guild. Upon full admittance into the guild a recruit will move to the member rank of Squire.

  1. An application must be filled out, confirming they have agreed to the guild's charter.

2. Squire (SQ)

The majority of the guild's membership is a Squire rank.

  1. Previously a Recruit rank for two or more weeks.

Squire Honor (SH) The Squire Honor along with Squires are the majority of the guild's membership.

  1. Previously an active Squire rank for three or more months.