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Badge of the rank Squire, azure with a single chevron argent.

As defined by the New OutRider's Charter the Squire is the lowest rank in order of precedence in the New OutRiders. Upon full admittance into the guild a recruit will move to the Squire rank.

Squire Mandate

As non-officer members of the New OutRiders, Squires have no official mandate. Squires are the guild's newest members, their mandate is to have fun.

Grades of Distinction

There are two levels of Squire:

  • Squire
  • Squire Honor

Each is considered a different rank, ascending in significance, but still below the rank of Knight.

Historical Background

A squire was the shield bearer or armor bearer of a Knight, and at times squires included a Knight's errand runner or servant.

The most common definition of 'squire' is that to which refers to the medieval times. A squire would be a teenage boy, in his training to become a knight. A boy became a squire at the age of 14. This was the second stage to becoming a knight, after serving first as a page. As part of his development to that end, he served an existing knight as an attendant or shield carrier, doing simple but important tasks like saddling a horse or caring for the knight's weapons and armor. The squire would sometimes carry the knight's flag to battle with his master. But a squire did not stay a squire forever. A knight would take his squires (a knight could have multiple squires but a squire could only have one knight) into battle with him and that was a squire's chance to prove himself. If he proved his loyalty and skill in battle, he would have a dubbing, an official ceremony to become a knight. However, during the Middle Ages the rank of the squire came to be recognized in its own right, and once knighthood ceased to be conferred by any but the monarch, it was no longer to be assumed that a squire would in due course progress to be a knight. The connection between a squire and any particular knight also ceased to exist, as did any shield-carrying duties.

Ranks of the Order
Preceded by Rank Succeeded by
Recruit Squire Knight