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Name: Skyleth
Rank: Knight
Current Realm: SWTOR
Office: SWTOR:DMG Knight Protector
Joined: 03-25-2013
Roster: Skyleth
Email: email Skyleth

Skyleth is a 55 Sentinel and the Main character on the account.

The Man

From a young age Skyleth learned to reconcile his love for games with his love for the outdoors and physical activity. His first MMO was Everquest which he played for six years. During that time he worked his way to the the cutting edge of endgame play for around a year and a half before deciding that while investing so much time in one game had been fun, maintaining that level of play just took too much of his time and he had other interests he wanted to pursue. Skyleth has played many of the MMOs that have come out since then to some extent while still making time for single and multiplayer PC and console games.

Activities outside of gaming include reading, running, snowboarding, camping, etc.

Skyleth is currently working in the Risk and Crisis Management field.

The Games and Goons

Main Character- Genwadox/Warrior Main Tank and Leader of Pravus Mortis on Druzzil Ro:
Everquest 2:
Main Character- Skyleth/Guardian Various Guilds:
Tabula Rasa:
City of Heroes:
Champions Online:
Warhammer Online:
Main Character- Skyleth/Chosen Main Tank of Pravus:
Main Character- Skydrae/Champion:
The Secret World:
Anarchy Online:
Dark Age of Camelot:

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