Silver Starburst

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Silver Starburst
Name: The Silver Starburst
Type: Honors
Commissioned: January 10, 1995
Preceded by: None
Succeeded by: Current
First Awarded: unknown
Total Awarded:
Ribbon SSB.png
Next Higher: Venerable Order of Yserbius
Next Lower: Golden Aldobora Tree

First documented on January 10, 1995 this medal of the same name was awarded for recruiting with clusters for additional recruits, bronze (1), silver (5) and gold (10). The award no longer offers clusters. Previous citations of this award have been given for but a single recruit, two, five or an undetermined number. It is the belief of the High Council that these awards were given in good faith and no medals previously awarded for less than the current criteria will be rescinded.


This may be awarded to any member who has recruited ten (10) new members who are at least Squired. This may be awarded by any officer of the guild ranked Baron or higher.


The medal is an eight pointed star in silver with a simple pendant suspender. The ribbon is a shortened navy with a central white stripe decorated by three vertical navy roundels and braced on either side by silver piping. Just under the bar on either side of the ribbon are smaller eight pointed stars also in silver.

Privileges and courtesies

  • Recipients may opt to append their names with "SSB" or the alternate ribbon image. In the case of multiple awards with such privileges, the postnomial initial order of precedence is: VOY, SSB, GAT, MCMXCII, HPD. This order applies to the alternate ribbon images as well. The alternate ribbon version of this medal is shown on the table to the left. That image may be linked via: SSB Ribbon

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