Silver Gavel

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Silver Gavel
Name: Silver Gavel
Type: Legacy
Commissioned: January 10, 1995
Preceded by: Writ of Welcome
Succeeded by: Current
First Awarded: unknown
Total Awarded:
Next Higher: NOR Family Award
Next Lower: Guild Unity Event Medal

This medal was commissioned by the High Council in 2013 to update the former Writ of Welcome. It was sponsored by Lord Yavool.


This award is granted to all members on the occasion of attending their first High Council Meeting. The more formal medal is typically accompanied by an official certificate hand-written by one of the Lords or Ladies present on whatever available scrap of paper can be stolen, scrawled hastily using crayon, a broken pencil or the member's own blood and presented to the awardee suitable for framing.


The medal is a roped and banded medallion displaying a gavel in silver. The ribbon is in purple with a band of silver in the center displaying an eight pointed star in purple, barred top and bottom.

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