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The SWTOR Dungeon Master Group is made up of members that want to set the standards, rule sets, and discuss the changes needed to help NOR succeed in the ElderGame of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Currently the DMG hosts OPs twice a week and alternate between the starter and more difficult raids.

If you are interested in attending NOR raids please let of the DMG members check out your gear so we know which Tier you are equipped for. Then we can add you to our Raid Roster. Then you can sign up for our scheduled raids here.

Please read through our current Requirements & Rules regarding our Raids.

The DMG:SWTOR members

Active DMG positions

Guides for the Operations and Raids.


World Bosses

Stragety Gaming Jargon

Gear Tiers

Tionese lvl 51 Armor rating 126 SM KP/EV (RETIRED)
Columi lvl 56 armor rating 136 SM EC, HM KP/EV(RETIRED)
Rakata lvl 58 armor rating 140 HM EC, NM KP/EV (RETIRED)
Campaign lvl 61 armor rating 146, classic Coms
Dreadguard lvl 63 armor rating 150

Artifact lvl 66 armor rating 156
Black Market lvl 69 armor rating 162 (No set bonus) Elite coms
Arkanian lvl 69 armor rating 162 (Set bonus)

Verpine lvl 72 armor rating 168 (No set bonus) Elite Coms
Underworld lvl 72 armor rating 168 (Set bonus)

Kell Dragon lvl 75 mods, 174 AR (Set Bonus) 2.2

Oriconian lvl 78 mods, 178 AR (no set bonus) 2.4 ultimate coms
Dread Forged lvl 78 mods, 178 AR (Set Bonus) 2.4

Current Requirements post-update 2.0:

Tier 1 OP:



  • Level: 50+
  • Equipped Gear:
    • Gear should be Level 51+, Armor Rating 126+.
    • Augments are optional

Tier 2 OP:

Story Mode:

Hard Mode:

Nightmare Mode:


  • Level: 50+
  • Equipped Gear:
    • Gear should be level 56 Armor Rating 136+.
    • Augments: At least 10 of your gear pieces should have Augments.

Tier 3 OP:




  • Level: 55
  • Equipped Gear:
    • Gear should be Level 63, Armor Rating 150+
    • Augments: All 14 of your gear pieces should have Augments.

Tier 4 OP:




  • Level: 55
  • Equipped Gear:
    • Gear should be Level 69, Armor Rating 162+.
    • Augments: All 14 of your gear pieces should have 66mod Augments.

Tier 4.5/5 in discussions still


Nightmare Mode


  • Level: 55
  • Equipped Gear:
    • Gear should be Level 72, Armor Rating 168+.
    • Augments: All 14 of your gear pieces should have 66 mod Augments.

Rules and Guidelines for the NOR Eldergame.

The SWTOR:DMG is currently hosting the [WEEKLY] Operation Groups. These weekly events are to help our high level players gear up and enjoy the endgame content experience.

If anyone is interested in Hosting additional events let us know!

Sign Ups

We will have a weekly sign up for our members to RSVP as soon as it is posted, then we open the sign up list from the Saturday before the event up to Raid time to fill our remaining empty spots with members of guilds we have a alliance with or friends.

Be Prepared

  • Teamspeak 3 will be required for at least listening, due to the Operation's complex strategies and coordinating. Click here for Teamspeak 3 Details
  • Zone in Times, please be logged in 10 mins early so we know who will be attending. After 5mins of start time you may be replaced if you havent arrived.
  • Bring Stims and Medpacks, recommended:
    • Nano-Fused Stims (they last 2hrs and are not effected by death).
    • Ultimate Medpac (heals 3750-4575)
  • Turn on target of target.
  • Turn on percent of target.

Loot Rules

  • Gear is Need Before Greed on the toon that is present.
  • Schematics are Need Before Greed on the toon that is present.
  • If you win a duplicate Gear Item, please let us know so we can reroll. (Many of these Bosses will drop 2 of the same Gear piece)
  • Crafting Components:
    • Tier 1 OPs Components are Greed Only.
    • Tier 2 OPs Will be collected by the Raid leader then rolled on at the end of the Raid event.

Classic Ops: updated (06.03.2013)

  • Gear Tokens are Need if needed, greed if not needed. The Need roll applies to your current character only!! Alts/Comps are always Greed, unless special arrangements are made ie Asking the op group before roll if its OK to need for an alt or comp
  • Crafting mats/vehicles/color crystals will always be greed, or pass if you already own them.

TFB/SV Ops: (06.03.2013)

  • Arkanian Tokens: Need if needed, greed if not. In order to help gear everyone, if you win an Arkanian token in a raid, do not need on another. If we limit these to one person per raid, we should be able to start gearing people a little faster.
  • Non-set bonus pieces (non arkanian): Need if need, greed if not. No limit on these per operation.

Crafting mats/vehicles/crystals: Greed, or pass if you already have them/don't apply to your crafting profession.

Some What Ifs:

  • If you signed up and can't make it please notify the sign up post forum asap, so we can edit it and let the guild alliances know there is a new opening or email tundrra@newoutriders.org
  • If you are late more then 5mins (9:05 est) your saved spot becomes free to any qualified players that are available.
  • If we already have to many members playing your class role. We want has many Guildies to go as possible, but sometimes we will not have room. However, many of our Raiders have alts and we can always ask for them to change for the night so we can make room, however this may not always work due to gear requirements. As a rule of thumb first come first served on the sign up sheet, but we strive to have fun and help others do the same.

Raid Alliances

"The Corellian League" (TCL) Alliance (12.11.12) - present

  • Chat channels to join: /cjoin tclnor

"The Crescent Order" (TCO) Alliance, (3.21.13) - present

  • Chat channel to join: /cjoin TCantina

"SaberWing" Alliance

  • Chat channel, no public chat at this time.
  • Use NOR public chat channel for alliance chat.

History of the SWTOR:DMG

Previous Held DMG positions

Dungeon Masters

  • Tundrra (03-20-2013) - (05-22-2013)

Knight Protectors

Raid Journals




  • 12.26.2012 1st Time Completing StoryMode Karagga's Palace
  • 12.11.2012 We officially entered into a Raid Alliance with "The Corellian League". Bringing with them knowledge and expertise of zones and a large player base to group with.
  • 11.06.2012 1st Time Completing StoryMode Eternity Vault.
  • 10.2012 On the 2nd of October our Raid team changed pretty drastically from what we had a few months before, we have gained several fresh lvl 50s and we will be starting our Raid Alliances in the near future. Since this is a great time for a fresh start we will be tracking our progression here on out has a guild. This will help us keep track of our victories and get excited for what is to come!!

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