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The New OutRiders Online Roster is a project begun by Lasarian in October of 2011 and completed in April of 2013. It continues to be debugged and updated as of the date of this article. The Online Roster was a part of a larger scheme to modernize the guild and update the previous sites. The focus of this particular project was to centralize the accounting and reporting system of the entire guild for its members and to provide a durable repository for this information that would be available to all members in one location. It was also hoped that simplifying the accounting responsibilities of the officers would free them to keep their attention more on the members than on keeping track of them.

In December of 2015 Tundrra published the first of many updates that used the existing data of Lasarian's original member roster and grouped the information and players into realms active and closed.


The roster allows for the tracking of a number of data sets of interest to the guild, in particular the guild name, or main, of each member, their email, rank and the game they play on. It includes a line by line history of the member that cites the date of a significant event, the realm it occurred on and a description of it. It also automates that history for each promotion, demotion, change in status, award or transfer.

Lasarian added a few other fields not typically tracked by previous rosters, such as the members' real name, gender, date of birth (and death)as well as a so-called House affiliation added for no other reason than he could.

In addition to providing a basic roll of the entire membership of the guild, it also displays individual member profiles which include a more detailed summary of the member's information and a visual representation of their rank, time in service of the guild, games previously played with NOR and their awards styled after a military shadowbox.

When first viewing the roster you will be presented with a simple list of all members in alphabetical order. From this list you may see the member name, their current rank, there is a clickable icon to open an email client to communicate with that member, their current standing, what realm (or game) they are on, their Squire date and a list of alts.

You may sort the roster by a number of fields available on the page. At any time you may click on the member name which will take you to the individual member profile page. On that page you will find their member information, history and their shadowbox.

Member Information

NOR Name

Main or NORname= Primary membership identity, the name by which you are known to NOR. [Charter Link Placeholder]


Each member of NOR is assigned a rank, starting with Recruit until their induction into the guild as a full member at the rank of Squire. A Recruit is not officially a member of NOR until Squired. Members may thereafter advance in rank in accordance with their own merit and at the discretion of their officers. [Charter Link Placeholder]


There are a number of states a Member may be ascribed referred to as Standing.

1. Active: The member is online, visible and interacting with other members on a regular, ongoing basis. 2. MIA: Missing in Action. Member has not been seen online on any branch or the forums in over sixty (60) days. 3. LOA: Leave of Absence. Any member or officer may request relief from their duties for a limited period of time 4. Expelled: Member has been forcibly ejected from the guild. 5. Quit: Member has voluntarily left the guild and given notice of their intent. 6. Never Tagged: A recruit who filled out an application but never received a guild tag. [Charter Link Placeholder]


There are 3 categories of post; Allies, Member and Officer


There are two sections to the Realms area the Home game which is the members main area of play and secondly realms they visit often.

Recruit Date

Squire Date






Personal Information

First Name, Email, Date of Birth

This information is for guild officers. It has multiple uses, for instance to help verify members that have returned from a long abstinence, it allows us to send the newsletter or to reach out to a member that may have gone MIA.


Shadowbox of Duke Talolan

The shadowbox displays a number of member details visually. At the top is the NOR badge. Directly below the guild badge is the member name in text. Their current realm is displayed as a large ribbon below their name and their years of service in the guild is represented by three types of pips, bronze, silver and gold. In our example of Talolan on the right, his current 12 years of service in the guild is displayed as one gold pip (10 years) and two bronze pips (1 year each).

To the left of the member name is their current rank. In this case, Duke. To the right of their name is their House affiliation if they have one (House Galabryan in this instance). If not, their rank shield will appear again.

Below the member name and rank area is the ribbons section. Each realm NOR has maintained a presence on has its own ribbon. The member is given a ribbon for each realm they were on with NOR. From this we can see that Talo has been on DAoC, WoW, SWTOR, NW, EQ2, RIFT, DDO and a new ribbon representing the NOMAD branch.

Below the ribbons section is the awards area. In our example with Talolan we can see he has been awarded the NOR Family Award, the Silver Gavel and the Forum Ribbon.


Realm Rosters

Phase 1 of the Online Roster 2.0 was to add Realm Rosters to the original member search roster. The realms.php page groups realms into 3 sections Active, NOMAD and Archived. Also two additional sections were added to show overall guild numbers and who the sitting High Council were.

Active Realm

The active realms show the date in which the realm was established and when selected takes you to the branch roster. The design is a homage to the old rosters officers would turn in each month since the early days of the guild. This tool will help the branch officers keep track of their active players and alts. It is organized with the branch's hierarchy displayed first for easy officer contact. Each player the has their NORname displayed with a list of alts they are associated with. Making it a quick reference to see which members/recruits need promoted or who have disappeared. It also has a section at the top that displays some stats like who is the newest squire, newest recruit, and the top 5 longest NOR members that play in the selected realm. Selecting member names will take you to a personal profile of their guild history within NOR and selecting a guild ribbon will take you to the Archived history of that game.


The NOMAD realm is displayed exactly like an active realm of NOR.

Archived Realms

The NOR archive displays the start and end date of the NOR branch and will eventually state the total number of unique members we have on file that played in the realm during its active years. Many of the old rosters have not been fully entered into the database, but there are still several hundred entries to see. When selecting the Archived realm there are 2 lists that appear. The first list shows any members that are still active in the guild and which game to find them. The 2nd section lists all the inactive members along with a link to their individual history with the guild. Eventually stats for that realm will be placed at the top of the page.

Updates 1.X

Done.png History is displaying in the intended chronological order, but the year appears first. This will be corrected to the more familiar mm-dd-yyyy format ;
Done.png Adding an end date to service for those members who quit, been expelled or died to correct erroneous ongoing in service years calculations;
Undone.png Better UI for administrators;
Undone.png Statistics tracking on many levels, such as the number of active officers, recruit retention, how many of what type of awards have been given, most decorated, etc.;
Undone.png Single click reports for the branch leaders to automatically produce the branch reports presented at the business meetings of the HC.

Updates 2.X

this is a growing list to help Tundrra keep track of the todo and done changes to the existing and new upcoming 2.0 roster. If you have some additional suggestions or bugs feel free to give him a shout. A few of noteable enhancements so far:
  • Admins can now preform name changes.
  • names no longer error if there are (duplicates, spaces, numbers).
  • all date fields have been changed to dates vs text to allow for more options.
  • improved notes when admins make changes.
  • personal information (first name, email, dob) are all hidden from public.
  • mobile design for easier viewing and admining on the go.
  • new quick buttons, these automate a lot of the common roster changes. Condensing most actions to one button.
  • added a new section for officers only to be able to write more detailed notes.
  • lots of graphics and links connecting all the roster information.

Realms.php (Live)

Done.png Realm overview page;
Done.png fix some centering and sizing of images and text on active/nomad/archived sections;
Undone.png Count total members in a archived realm and place it next to realm established year.
Undone.png center HC section and add background blue long banners similar to the NORcastle behind HC names.
Undone.png make a more mobile friendly layout like the new member profiles;
Undone.png add links and ribbons to the stat section of member's home game tallies and adjust font/size.
Undone.png Adjust centering and font sizing and stat section

Realms_Roster.php (Live)

Done.png Realm Member Roster;
Done.png duplicates the traditional NOR roster format (complete);
Done.png display acting visitors (complete);
Done.png display acting allies (complete);

Realms_archive.php (Live)

Undone.png add stats for the guild branch (total members, total player recruited, total promotions, total years in service, all officers during that time)

Admin.php (Live)

Done.png Admin/Add Member without Application;
Done.png Exports a table to save to excel of all active members;
Undone.png add form to allow HC members to add new games to the guild and edit status of old.
Done.png add form to allow HC members to create new awards.

Member_Profile.php (2.0 in progress)

Undone.png Member Profile.;
Done.png Show current member info
Done.png Show member History
Done.png Show realms member is visiting
Done.png Mobile browser compatibility
Done.png Display Awards

Edit_Member_Profile.php (2.0 in progress)

Undone.png Admin/ Edit Member Profile (started).
Done.png Change NORname (complete).
Done.png Change Rank(complete).
Done.png Change Post(complete).
Done.png Change Standing(complete).
Undone.png Admin/ Edit Member Contact info
Done.png Admin/ Awards
Undone.png Admin/ Edit Alt list
Done.png Admin/ Player History
Done.png Admin/ Delete History
Done.png Admin/ Edit existing History
Done.png Admin/ Insert missing History
Done.png officer notes revamped.
Quick Buttons
Done.png Quick Button: MIA(complete).
Done.png Quick Button: Allies(complete).
Done.png Quick Button: Retired/Inactive Officer.
Done.png Quick Button: Member Promotion.
Done.png Quick Button: Officer Promotion.
Done.png Quick Button: Link to visitor.

Application (Live)

Undone.png when a realm status is designated as non-closed automatically add it the email app list, instead of manually editing code;
Undone.png welcome letter auto populates contact info for each realm.

Home/index (Live)

Undone.png auto populate sliding banner info with active realms. LeAdership, pic and description.
Undone.png auto populate recruitment info for each active realm.
Undone.png Add a description in "recruitment info" section;
Undone.png Change link color of "recruitment info" section;
Undone.png Add discord logo and cafe press logo.
Undone.png Splash page for games, update images. In top left put game logo under NOR logo and and then the description of game under that.

Application (Live)

Undone.png auto populate the active realms into the application selection and email notification for branch leaders.


Undone.png out of 23 folders/games full of archived rosters only 3 of them are completely entered into the data base. So there are more records to be entered to help complete the Online Roster...also if you were a previous officer of NOR games of yesteryear, in one of our smaller shorter lived games we may have no records at all for that realm:( so check those old email addresses and old hard drives for old rosters:)


Generally positive excepting the bugs and glitches that are in the process of being corrected.


  1. Does not appear as intended in browsers other than Firefox, particularly Internet Explorer, to the point were areas of the Admin tools were unreadable and unusable.
  2. Public display of the members' email on both the roster and member profile was almost immediately removed and replaced by a linked icon that would allow one to email the member but disallow bots from data mining the roster;
  3. Public display of the members' real names (first only) which is not yet settled;
  4. The visual display of the awards while generally well-received, the system behind it has been criticized as being too complex and would add undue burden to the Branch Leaders or officers in tracking, in addition to being too specific in its criteria and not allowing for custom awards.