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RIFT box art
Ribbon: RIFT.png
Server: Faeblight
Server Type: RP-PvE
Alignment: Guardian and Defiant
Dates Occupied: March 7, 2011 - Sept 14th 2015
Previous Servers: Shadefallen
Realm Leader: Lasarian
Branch Leader: vacant

Branch Closed

Rift began with the hopes of positioning itself as the nominal successor to World of Warcraft. Its public release date was March 1, 2011.

The anticipation of the game was lengthy, but preparation by NOR to occupy the game was disorganized and chaotic. Very little effort was made to gather as a group during beta. Only a week or two before the public release did anyone officially petition the High Council for a provisional barony. In fact, there were three competing petitions. By the time it was all sorted out members had already begun playing and had settled into the servers of their choice. As a result, numerous members were already spread across two or three servers.

With the guidance of Gustin and work of Sebririon, the High Council endorsed the provisional barony they proposed largely due to their planning and the fact they were the sole petitioner to have the backing of at least one experienced officer.

Officer Hierarchy

  • Realm Leader
  • Branch Leader
  • Officers (At Large)

Contact Information

Server: Faeblight (RP-PvE)
In Game

  • Search in the chat "/who outriders"
  • By /whisper [Name] if you find someone on, ie, /whisper or /w Lasarian
  • Bottom left of the screen is the menu
    • Open the Social Panel > Guild Finder >
    • type "outriders" and search. You should find New OutRiders and our description.
    • Send a Message from that panel, you can receive an invite via mail for up to a week after you send that message.

Out of Game

Any member with invite permissions can tag someone in game by typing "/ginvite [Name]". Be sure to note their Main and Rank.

New Recruit Information

NOMAD realms are designed for existing NOR members only.

  • No active Recruiting or expanding until the game becomes a [provisional branch] or the HC is petitioned.

Some exceptions:

  • Family and friends that are recruited gain the status of "Allies" and in some instance may become members per HC approval.
  • Recruits that transfer to a NOMAD realm and are no longer active in a Active Realm of NOR become Allies status.

Additional Branch Information

How do I know what events are coming up?

Branch History


July 2016 issue 41

A Return to RIFT

I know, the branch is closed - but I am playing nonetheless. I always rather liked RIFT but unfortunately, most of my friends did not; and while I was a seated member of the HC, I felt it was my duty to the guild to go wherever the members wanted to go (SWTOR, GW2, NW, etc.).

Anyway, I'm back on RIFT and seeing "what's what" - and doing some reporting to NOR.

RIFT went F2P quite a while ago and when it first switched over I felt that the system was excellent, with just a few exceptions. Trion's system seemed to be more about rewarding subscribers, rather than punishing F2P accounts and I liked that.

There are a few restrictions of course, among the most annoying is the limitation on Bag Slots, which I suppose was intended to curb "Farming"; but is nevertheless vexing to honest players. At the time the largest bag was a bit smaller, now with 24 or 28 slot bags it's not quite so bad. You get three (3) open slots on your toon, plus a bank vault with 64 slots and you can purchase additional bank bag slots for ingame money (gold), the first one is cheap at 5g; second is 30g, not sure after that.

They also recently restricted the LFG and warfronts que for F2P players to random, so you can no longer select a specific Dungeon or Warfront through those tools; although, all you need is a single subscriber at the head of the party to defeat that limitation.

My F2P account can't yet venture into the new zones, but I think that is either a level, quest or port issue, not the state of the account. From my understanding, all of the zones are available to all players.

A few other things have changed, in no particular order: You can still use Dyes, but there is now a color collection tool so you are not required to purchase an individual bottle of dye for each item. You no longer have to hold onto a pile of gear for the Appearance, once it goes into your bag, you "collect" that item's appearance and can reuse it any number of times to customize your look.

The Auction House also has a few handy changes. First, once an auction expires the item returns to your mailbox (same as before), but now you can repost to the AH from your mailbox. There is also an "Ordering" system that I haven't quite worked out yet, but it appears as though you can request wanted items via the AH and other players can fulfill your order.

Right now the Summerfest World Event is going on (until August 3rd); with it, you get a free 3-Day Patron Pass which gives you boosts to your XP, tokens, currency, and all kinds of rewards, not to mention a "Trove", which you get every 10 levels that contains some pretty serious loot - epic level weapons, +160% XP boost potion (2 hours game time, lasts through death - and appears to stack with other XP boosts), among others.

That Trove is earned retroactively, so when I logged into Las, I ended up with 6 of those chests (level 60).

Anyway, I don't want to go too long, I've only been back playing RIFT for a few days really and so far I like what I see.

Also there are 3k or so keys left for a lvl 40 Boost with some bags if you sign up for mmorpg website **thanks Braagi for the tip***



Planetouched Wilds

Nightmare Tide

Free to Play

Trion converts RIFT from a subscription model to free to play in June of 2013, implementing what is arguably the best free-to-play system in the industry.

Storm Legion

Ember Isle



NORnews 05/2014 issue 20
Details on the RIFT game site for Update 2.7

GLUE: May 30th - June 1st NOR's first 50/50 ingame raffle for the Glue Event, ingame prizes for the winners; Look your gift horse in the mouth ... free ride from Lasarian to all attendees; Puzzles, cairns, Instant Adventures, Dungeons; All new perks offered to both recruiter and recruitee in RIFTs Ascend-a-Friend program.

RIFT PvP Dimensions are now available! More details on the Event forums for the RIFT GLUE

Lord Lasarian


NORnews 04/2014 issue 19
Hot Topics

Next Guild Unity Event (GLUE) will be held in Rift!!... RIFT: So what is there to do? If there is one thing RIFT does well it is giving players options. Lots and lots of options.

A great deal of the game is extremely accessible and there is enough to occupy your time and interest on many different levels....(Read More)

RIFT PvP Dimensions are now available! NOR sighted in the last 30 days:

  • Lasarian
  • Freakizoid
  • Uulana
  • Imaultis
  • Brandy
  • Saroc

Game Updates New Crafting Skill as of 2.6 "Dreamweaving"

Lord Lasarian



NORnews 12/2013 issue 17

Fae Yule holiday events return December 12st and runs through January 1st.

In the weeks leading up to Fae Yule, and during the holiday, special variants of current dungeons will be released each week. It's called "GIfts of the Fae", and as of the release of this newsletter we are in Week 5: Planebreaker Bastion - Aftermath

Update 2.5, "Song of Dreams" release.

Lord Lasarian


NORnews 09/2013 issue 14

We had a branch meeting back on September 1st. Unfortunately, it was a little rushed (my fault), but it couldn't helped. Saw some faces I hadn't seen a while there. We will be scheduling more. Who is playing Rift now?

Mentor Mondays This is an event organized by Ojike for the express purpose of having all the members play together, as much as possible at least one night a week.

Work Order Wednesdays This is a new event organized by Imaultis specifically to aid newer members or lower level players gear up with crafted items.

Rift Wedding Stel and I got married ingame - was a hoot! Thanks to all who attended.

Lord Lasarian


NORnews 08/2013 issue 13

Upcoming Game news:

RIFT - Welcome Home to Three Springs! Ah, the long, lazy dogdays of Summer when the MMO players thoughts turn to.......

Summerfest !!!

Yes it's coming up to that time of the year when we run all over Telara chasing pets and fishing up sunfish, this time in both Brevane and Dusken.

Here's a few new achievements to work towards...

Lord Lasarian


NORnews 07/2013 issue 12

Boom in guild presence on RIFT, up from about 8 members max to over 35! Who's playing RIFT?

Lord Lasarian


NORnews 06/2013 issue 11

The Guild Unity Event will be hosted on the RIFT Branch this month, starting on Friday, June 21st and concluding Sunday June 23rd. We have already seen a lot of early arrivals and we want to welcome new recruits Zianvaniah and Owinen who both joined us today. We're looking forward to seeing more of them in the days to come.

We were rewarded with a few server firsts this afternoon as well.

First, as we all know RIFT is converting to Free to Play. What does this mean for NOR?

In short, the F2P players have access to all of the content, including the Storm Legion expansion, with that they claim is "no restrictions and no trials", except that really they have the following restrictions: Limit of two (2) Characters slots, as opposed to the six (6) available to owners of the game; Limit of three (3) bag slots, as opposed to the five (5) available to owners; None of the Souls released with the Storm Legion expansion, of which I believe there were four: One for each Class.

Lord Lasarian


NORnews 05/2013 issue 10

With Trion Worlds making the announcement that RIFT is converting from Subscription to Free to Play, we expect the NOR presence on Faeblight to rise. Currently, there are about 10 steady members, down from the 30 we previously had. We can expect to see many of those return I hope now that the financial obstacle has been removed. The branch has seen a few new members from GW2, SWTOR and NW, wander over from their main games to visit us in the last few weeks, I can only imagine the move to F2P will make that much more common.

Again, with the impending F2P option available to our members we will make a renewed effort to schedule regular events, like guild level progression nights on Wednesdays and the Missing Man Dungeons on Saturday nights - which is specifically for recruiting.

Lord Lasarian


NORnews 04/2013 issue 09

Due mostly to the efforts of Mezzevil and Imaultis, the RIFT branch has reached Guild Level 15 and acquired the Guild Dimension of Caer Kholum, as shown in Talo's walkthrough on YouTube. Since then Imaultis has been doing quite a bit of renovating - adding an enclosed great hall, complete with kitchen, library, temple, secret passages and vault.

We're dropping the Tuesday night event with RBW.

Lord Lasarian


NORnews March 2013 issue 08

Frankly, I have been remiss in my attendance to RIFT this last month due much to work, injury and illness beyond my control. However, things are easing up on me and I hope to get back into my game of choice far more frequently.

Branch Calendar Events:

  • Tuesdays: RP-social gathering with <Royal Black Watch>, 5pm Server time (8pm EST), this is a meet and greet, all around RP-session with our friends and allies in RBW at the Blunted Quill in Argent Glade in Silverwood.
  • Wednesdays: 9pm EST we work toward whatever the Guild Quest of the week is (if we haven't already).
  • Saturdays: 8pm EST is the Guild Dungeon run night - with an eye toward filling a 5th spot with a potential new recruit.

RIFT: Storm Legion 2.2 - Carnival of the Ascended!

Lord Lasarian


NORnews Jan 2013 issue 06

We are working toward our Guild Dimension goal of acquiring Caer Kholum, an Aelfwar Castle which we can acquire at guild level 15, for 1,500 platinum. We reached level 11 a few weeks ago and are about to ding Guild level 12 shortly.

NOR Rift has about 18 members playing with varying degrees of frequency.

Lasarian and Stelmarii are planning to hold an ingame wedding some time soon and all NOR are invited to attend. Las is checking to be sure Trial Accounts can join in the special wedding instance - if not, we may just hold it ingame out in the world so everyone can come.

Lord Lasarian



NORnews Dec 2012 issue 05
RiftServer: Faeblight (RP-PvE)


The branch raised 500 platinum for and purchased its first guild Dimension. This is the starting dimension available to all guilds level 1. We will be working toward our ultimate goal of acquiring Caer Kholum, an Aelfwar Castle which we can acquire at guild level 15, for 1,500 platinum.

Financial contributors toward our first goal of getting the Stone Flask Tavern:

Lord Lasarian


Sebririon & Gustin

Rift was approved as a provisional barony on March 7, 2011, just about a week after its public release on March 1st. It's first branch meeting was not held until May 15th of that year. Prior to the public release and vote on its provisional status, there was an extensive "Head Count" post on the old forums that somehow managed not to include an actual count of heads. Those expressing interest in the game on that post are listed here:

While the group had collectively decided to settle on Wolfsbane ahead of time, the que turned out to be daunting, as high as 1,500 reported in one case. Thus, they elected to change servers on the fly to Shadefallen.

They still had to create a temporary, placeholder guild on opening day because the High Council had yet to vote on the province.

Provisional Barony Petition

The petition to open a branch on RIFT was presented by Sebririon to the High Council on March 6, 2011 at the regular open meeting.

Server Merger

In early 2012 Trion Worlds announced it would be converting Shadefallen to a Trial Server, and that we would be required to relocate. On January 13, 2012, Sebririon effected the relocation of the guild from Shadefallen to Faeblight, where NOR remains today.

Former RIFT Officers

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