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In the New OutRiders the Realm Leader is a Lord/Lady of the High Council who acts as a mentor, adviser and liaison between a NOR branch and the High Council.

Realm Leader Mandate

This office is limited to members of the High Council.

  1. Carry out or assign the duties of the Guild Master, in the realm (game) assigned.
  2. Deal with matters of immediate importance in an assigned realm as soon as possible.
  3. In a realm of more than one duchy, ensure the co-ordination of rules and regulations within those duchies.
  4. Co-ordinate the efforts of the mentors in a realm. This includes a defining a method of resolving disputes (in matters pertaining to the guild) between mentors.
  5. Ensure prompt follow of important information to the rest of the High Council.
  6. Act as one of the panel of HC members for disciplinary action (Charter, Section IX).

Revision History

  • Approved HC 7-19-98