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Name: Poxi
Rank: Squire
Current Realm: SWTOR
Office: SWTOR:DMG Knight Protector
Joined: March 31st 2009
Everquest 2
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Honors: optional
Roster: Poxi
Email: email Poxi

Everquest - Pre-NOR

In 1999 I discovered Everquest, a fantastic game and an entirely new concept for me. Shortly after that I joined a guild known as the Shadowed Blade. I rose in the ranks and was moved into the Knights of the Shadowed Blade and eventually the Lords of the Shadowed Blade. While there I made many friendships. They were a great group of folks and very much like NOR. I remained with them for the next 5 years and crossed over with them to EQ2 where we founded Norrath's Redemption, a new guild for a new game. I took a leave of absence from EQ2 from 2007 to 2009 and when I returned a lot had happened. I logged in to find that my old guild had dissolved and I was left un-guilded. Just then, standing at the docks in Thundering Steppes and wondering exactly what I should do next, a strange thing happened. An old guildie just happened to be running by wearing a NOR tag and he spotted me. He explained some of what had happened and where most folks were now. I was sad to hear of NR's end but happy to learn that many of my old comrades had joined ranks in another guild with similar mindset and goals. I asked about membership and was happy to be accepted into New Outriders!

Everquest 2

My original EQ2 character was Ozumanii, a Templar whos name paid tribute to my original EQ character Ozuman. Upon returning to EQ2 in 2009, and joining NOR, I felt as though I needed a fresh start and a new character to play in my new guild. It was then that Poxi was born. A White Ratonga Necromancer from the sewers of Freeport. In addition to being skilled at summoning the undead, Poxi also found he was a skilled jeweler making many fine wares for his new guild and for the people of Norrath.

Poxi quickly fell into regular groups and the weekly raiding schedule with old and new friends alike. He enjoyed nights of raiding organized by Bristle & Rae, being guarded by Wrecker with friends at his side like Augie & Freckle, Istar, Eddore, Dalgrin, Jaosonspal, Tanarfin, Sandi (Mausie), Oramka, Dave, Lami, Chem, and many many more!! (miss you guys!)

As time when by and Sony continued to increase it's level cap and insane gear-grinding agenda I eventually fell behind from the rest of the group. Minimal play-time and a new baby led me to take another break from EQ2. This time I would travel to Middle Earth, Fallen Earth, Earthrise, and Beyond...

Travelling the "Earths" looking for home

After leaving Norrath I took up arms in a new game: Warhammer Online. This RVR game had a very viable PVP format which pitted Realm Vs Realm, Red Vs Blue, Good Vs Evil! I enjoyed this game for quite some time playing a Warpriest (Maybe the Best class Ever). Although the never-ending tit for tat, and general lack of any PVE content wore on me until I left the fantasy realm entirely and started playing Fallen Earth.

I joined a guild called Suspicious Cheese - a good group of guys that navigated with the same moral compass that I was used to in SB, NR, NOR, and now in SC. I played this game for almost a year before the state of the game, and unwillingness of developers to fix issues, caused all of us to leave for LOTRO.

On Middle Earth I played a Hobbit Burglar - Back in a fantasy realm I enjoyed the beautiful scenery and familiar group mechanics I had know for over 10 years on Norrath - but something was still missing - at Max level I left for what I thought would be greener pastures.

Earthrise was developed by, a Bulgarian design house, Masthead - the same folks who were financially backing Interplay on Project V13 before the courts ruled against them in favor of Bethesda. Earthrise was set 200-300 years AFTER the fall of civilization and promised to offer a unique blend of Post-apocalyptic wasted cityscape and overgrown-by-nature rain forests with both rusty broken down machinery and future weapon technologies and an FFA open world sandbox mechanic, I thought I had found the next greatest thing. Unfortunately it flopped and servers were shut down on their 1 year anniversary.

It looked as if I would have to look to a distant galaxy to find a a good game again...

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

I bought this game for myself as a Christmas Present in Dec 2011. My First character was a Bounty Hunter named Qu'ik on a PVP server. I also had a character on an RP server (Republic) and although I didn't play him a lot I was on from time to time to fight the empire. One day I saw a toon run by the GTN with a <NEW OUTRIDERS> tag and that's when I joined the NOR Chapter on SWTOR.

I have been playing for Tundrra and the Republic ever since and have found the same sense of camaraderie that I knew back on Norrath. My Main is a Jedi Sage (DPS) who also crafts Armor with Synthweaving and make Augments. He also is a regular trader on the GTN and earns money selling Augment Recipes, Rare Mods, and other items that he acquires.

On his way to 50 Yago focused on both his Main Class questline and PVP via WZs - he has finished Chapter 3 and has run enough WZs to outfit a full War Hero Force Master's(61) set of armor. He also began running HM FPs and attending weekly raids to gather BH Comms in an effort to fill out the left side of his set. Purple(49) Augments adorn each piece for outstanding DPS and 21k HPs - with a pre-order of the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion, he hopes to explore the new 50-55 content and continue to proved excellent support for NOR forces.

I have recently been accepted into the SWTOR:DMG and have taken a much more active role in our Guild Raiding discussions. My play schedule is still minimal due to my responsabilites to my Family and my Employer but I do my best to make my time online count. I group and raid whenever I can, I live the creed with Need before Greed and always 'help others to enjoy the game' I am always available to help anyone who needs it and will continue to do my part to promote the guild for all the right reasons.

Yago Dash

My Gear & Build

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SWTOR:DMG Knight Protector, SWTOR
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