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Apr 2017 issue 48

Overwatch: Uprising, its second PVE seasonal event is going on right now! Join NOR in a team of four to hold objectives while battling hordes of robots! Event runs til May 1.

Duchess Phelaia



Dec 2016 issue 44

Season's Greetings from Overwatch, where it's snowing in Hanamura and King's Row!

The Winter Wonderland event is on from now til January 3. This seasonal event features Mei’s Snowball Offensive, a snowball fight in the form of a 6v6 Elimination match. There are also winter loot boxes that include 100+ new character skins, emotes, victory poses, highlight intros and other cosmetic items, and players are guaranteed at least one Winter Wonderland item in each box. Come build some ice walls, hurl some snowballs, or simply rain some justice from above with us!

Congrats to Noobicabra in winning his latest tournament and steadily climbing in the rankings!

Duchess Phelaia


Aug 2016 issue 42

Greetings from Overwatch, where it's High Noon all day long! Several NOR members have started playing Blizzard's new Overwatch game on a regular basis. There are currently about nine of us playing Overwatch: Tyrandil, Phelaia, Ziek, Rabbitskates, Hector, Ojike, Kaurix, Vivi, and Noobicabra.

Noobicabra is streaming his play on Twitch and representing NOR to the wider world in Overwatch. Watch him at https://www.twitch.tv/noobicabra/profile ! Several of us (Ziek, Rabbitskates, Phelaia, and myself) have been getting together informally on roughly a semiweekly basis for group play, and a couple of times we managed to pick up one or two of the other NORbies to make a full (or nearly full) NOR team. Since the regular members of this informal team have been running Neverwinter dungeons together for a long time, it's been easy for us to adapt our team tactics to Overwatch. Phel does a phenomenal job keeping us up as Lucio, Rabbitskates swings effectively between support (Zenyatta) and tanking (D.Va), and Ziek wields a lethally accurate hook as Roadhog. (I mostly run around the flanks and die a lot as Reaper or Genji.) If you're on around 10:00-12:00 EST on Monday, Friday, or Saturday, look for us on Battle.net -- it's a heckuva lot of fun!

Overwatch also has its own chat channel in Discord (under NOMAD) and a lively section on the NOR forum (also under NOMAD).

Count Tyrandil