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NOR Shared Foundry Account

On May 15, 2013 NOR created a shared "NOR" account for the purpose of creating common assets that could be used when generating guild-themed quests or campaigns. The purpose for which was to provide ready-made maps and assets to speed the creation process, aid the members in their creation and also have a consistent appearance throughout.

The principal authors of this endeavor have been Talolan, Imaultis and Lasarian. Working together, they have created the following Maps on behalf of the guild:

  • Burial Crypt
  • NOR Castle Interior, Formal
  • NOR Castle, Outdoor (Farmland)
  • NOR Castle, Outdoor (Grounds)
  • NOR Dungeon
  • NOR Living Space
  • Sewer System

Member Created Content

Hatefire Orcs

Author: Talolan (listed in game as webjr)
Short-Code: NW-DM6NTCQ55
Group Size: Solo
Duration: It was 29 minutes for me, and I have the only play through at the moment.
Quest Type: Mostly combat, some very light story elements, just enough to move you along.
Notes: Please don't leave me positive feedback. I'll assume you like it, and like me. Please only send me along what could be better. I'm mainly interested in if you think the encounters are too repetitive, and if the indoor portion of the quest is detailed enough (I spent a lot more time creating the outdoor zone looks). It takes more than a week to make a good story, so in this first effort I was just learning the ins and outs of the editor.
Discussion: Forum Post

The Nasher Pact

Author: Zallis
Short-Code: NW-DCFS3H2FB
Group Size: Soloable
Duration: It depends on whether you play it straight through or not
Dialogue: On all conversations you can chose to know more or less depending on if you like hearing the stories
Dungeons: Three dungeons, you don't have to play one right after another, you can take breaks in between and do other things.
Discussion: NORforum Post

The Stocks

Author: Zallis
Short-Code: NW-DIKE36JFC
Group Size:
Duration: 10 minutes or less
Dungeons: This quest is based off of the World of Warcraft dungeon. I copied the skins of the mobs as closely as I could, and changed the names slightly. Really short, pretty basic, I was just bored today so I made it. This has already been done, but I have not played the other one. All you WoW players (former and current) enjoy! .
Discussion: NORforum Post

Stolen Birthright

Author: Malkion
Group Size:
Quest Type: It is a simple quest. GO get an Heirloom that was stolen.
Notes: .
Discussion: NORforum Post

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