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The Neverwinter Dungeon Master Group is made up of members that want to set the standards, rule sets, and discuss the changes needed to help NOR succeed in the EndGame of Neverwinter.

If you are interested in attending NOR events then you can RSVP here to reserve your spot.

Please read through our current Requirements & Rules regarding our Raids and catch up on the Gaming Jargon.

The DMG:NW members

Active DMG positions

Currently no active DMG

Guides for the Dungeon Delves and Raids.

Epic Dungeon Delves
Tier 1

Tier 1.5

Tier 2

Tier 3

  • Master Demogorgon (9500 IL) complete - 04.22.2016

Tier 3.5

Tier 4

Rules and Guidelines for the NOR NW EndGame.

The NW:DMG is currently hosting the weekly Dungeon Delve Groups. These weekly events are to help our level 70 players gear up and enjoy the endgame content experience.

We will have a weekly sign up for our members to RSVP as soon as it is posted, then we open the sign up list from the week before the event up to Raid time to fill our remaining empty spots with members of guilds we have an alliance with or friends.

If anyone is interested in Hosting additional events let us know!

Sign Ups

  • Sign Up Sheet RSVP: Some of our guild hosted Dungeon runs offer Sign ups for Guildmates. These can be rsvp'd for as soon as they are posted for Guild members. One week before an event the remaining positions will be available for our Raid Alliances & Friends.

Be Prepared

  • Bring Repair Kits
  • Bring lots of health potions
  • Discord will be required for at least listening, due to the Dungeon Delve’s complex strategies and coordinating. Click here for Discord Details
  • Zone in Times, please be logged in 10 mins early so we know who will be attending. After 5mins of start time you may be replaced if you havent arrived.

Guild Alliances

"Tuxedo Tshirt Alliance"

  • Tuxedo T-Shirt Alliance
    • Gallifreyan Keep
      • The Lords of Light
      • Guardians of the Grand Hall
      • Guardians of the Great Hall
    • Scattered Empire
    • Team Players
      • Ember Legion
      • Crash Gaming
      • War Clinic

General Information

Most Common Group Make Up for an 5 player Dungeon Delve, however some dungeons may require certain classes or ablities.

  • 1 Tank Class
  • 1 Healer Class
  • 1 Debuffer Class
  • 1 Buffer
  • 1 DPS

Loot Rules

updated 2.06.2014

  • All items will be a NEED roll.

Some What Ifs:

  • If you signed up and can't make it please notify the sign up post forum asap, so we can edit it and let the guild alliances know there is a new opening or email tundrra@newoutriders.org
  • If you are late more then 5 minutes your saved spot becomes free to any qualified players that are available.
  • If we already have too many members playing your class role. We want as many Guildies to go as possible, but sometimes we will not have room. However, many of our Raiders have alts and we can always ask for them to change for the night so we can make room, however this may not always work due to gear requirements. As a rule of thumb first come first served on the sign up sheet, but we strive to have fun and help others do the same.

History of the NW:DMG

Previous Held DMG positions

Dungeon Masters

Knight Protectors

Progression and Raid Journals



  • 04.23.2016 Joined Tuxedo T-Shirt Alliance
  • 04.22.2016 Full clear of Master Demogorgon
  • 04.15.2016 Full clear of Castle Never




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