NOR Meritorious Achievement Medal Duchy

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NOR Meritorious Achievement Medal - Duchy
Name: NOR Meritorious Achievement Medal - Duchy
Type: Honors
Commissioned: 2013
Preceded by: see description
Succeeded by: Current
First Awarded:
Total Awarded:
Next Higher: NOR Commendation Medal
Next Lower: NOR Meritorious Achievement Medal County

Much like the NOR Commendation Medal before it this medal was commissioned to replace and consolidate several other similar medals awarded throughout NOR's history given for similar reasons but to entire groups of members rather than individuals. A version of this medal is awarded to Duchies, Counties or Baronies as deemed appropriate.

Members receiving these awards will have a record of it, but may be granted the new version of the medal.


This is awarded to an entire Duchy, including the Duke or Duchess primarily for first reaching "Duchy Status" on a new branch. But it may also be awarded for other notable accomplishments or achievements made by a branch as a whole. When this award is granted, it is received by all members Active on the roll at the time it is nominated.

Because the recipients include flag officers, only the High Council may award this version of the medal.


The medal is a variant of the NOR shield and star with two crossed swords behind the shield in silver. The ribbon is styled after the rank of the group it is awarded to, in this case quarterly, I and IV argent, II and III azure, laurelled superior in gold, barred top and bottom also in gold.

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