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The Family Medal
Name: NOR Family Medal
Type: Legacy
Commissioned: 2013
Preceded by: None
Succeeded by: Current
First Awarded:
Total Awarded:
Next Higher: Founders Medal
Next Lower: Silver Gavel

This award was commissioned in 2013, sponsored by Lord Lasarian, co-sponsored by Lady Roxanne, Marquis Talolan and Baron Gilenrod; it is intended to honor the extraordinary legacy of unique relationships in NOR. The original concept of this award was actually three separate awards, with one having three variants. These were the Marriage, Baby and Generation awards, but the sheer rarity of those qualified prompted Gilenrod to convince Lasarian to alter the medal to include more likely members.

This medal is now awarded to all families in NOR, by marriage, childbirth or otherwise; and the generation variants are included in the ribbon roundels based on the recipient. For example, Koram and Litea would receive this medal with a single roundel (1st generation) and their children who are tagged members would receive it also, but displaying two roundels (2nd generation).


This award has several individual qualifications any one of which would permit its awarding.

  • Members met through NOR and subsequently married[1]; or
  • Members of NOR at the time of their marriage; or
  • Members' children, parents, siblings or other family relations joined NOR.[2]

To determine one's place in the generations of NOR, use these guidelines:

  • First Generation are typically members who joined NOR between 1992 - 2001.
  • Second Generation members may be children of the 1st Generation; or joined NOR between 2002 - 2011.
  • Third Generation members are children of 2nd Generation; grandchildren of 1st Generation; or joined NOR between 2012 - 2021.
  • Fourth Generation members are children of 3rd Generation, grandchildren of 2nd Generation, great-grandchildren of 1st generation; or joined NOR between 2022 - 2031.


The medal is a roped and banded medallion featuring three interlocking rings in silver. The ribbon is white with a central navy stripe, braced by navy piping and decorated with one, two or three white roundels dependent on the order of generation of the recipient.


Second Generation variant
Third Generation variant

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  1. Such as in the case of Zifnab and Roxanne.
  2. A direct lineage, from parent to child to grandchild is extremely rare, such as in the case of Spugee, Ojike and Fire.