NOR Commendation Medal

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NOR Commendation Medal
Name: NOR Commendation Medal
Type: Honors
Commissioned: 2013
Preceded by: see description
Succeeded by: Current
First Awarded:
Total Awarded:
Next Higher: Heart of the Purple Dragon
Next Lower: NOR Meritorious Achievement Medal Duchy

This medal was commissioned to replace and consolidate several other similar medals awarded throughout NOR's history given for similar reasons.

Members receiving these awards will have a record of it, but may be granted the new version of the medal.


The medal is a variant of the NOR shield and star with two crossed swords behind the shield in gold suspended by a simple pendant. The ribbon is in crimson overlaid by a silver lozenge decorated with an eight pointed star in gold.


This medal may be granted by any officer ranked Baron or above at their sole discretion, in recognition for what they find, in their judgement, are actions or behavior worthy of citation by the guild. This medal, like all the others, is awarded down-rank only.

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