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Ribbon: Ribbon NOMAD.png
Server: NA
Server Type: NA
Alignment: NA
Dates Occupied: October 6th 2013 - Present
Previous Servers: NA
Realm Leader: Yavool
Branch Leader: Talolan

NOMAD is the collection of Realms that have gathered NOR members who aren't active in our regular active branches, or want to play other co-operative and competitive games. To that end NOMAD is not a standard branch of the guild and does not follow the normal heirarchy. NOMAD games are places where the New OutRiders "jacket" guild name is used by our members. These branches have no recruiting or structured hierachy. examples: Closed inactive branches where a few members remain, New games that have not yet developed enough interest to become full NOR Realms.

If you are interested in playing with your fellow NOR members in a game that isn't a traditional MMO, or you want to play all of the MMOs but can't commit to a specific branch, NOMAD is for you. [Charter ]

Officer Hierarchy

Active NOMAD Officers

  • NOMAD branches do not require an active hierarchy, but must follow NOR policies and standards. Lord Tundrra Checks in on the status of the NOMAD players every 6 months to verify they are still active in a NOMAD realm.

Game Management

To add a new game to the NOMAD Realms, Provide information to the High Council and in the NOMAD forum section.

  • Game name & website link.
  • Platform (console, mobile, pc).
  • NORmember that realm creator.
  • The realm creator notifies the HC when they no longer playing the game.

Previous Games


Playing table top RP games through started off under NOMAD but as grown into its own realm. [TableTop 5e D&D forums]

NOR CCG League

The New OutRiders CCG League is operated by NOMAD. Our first event, the Fall 2013 SolForge Tournament is on now, if the even proves successful, we will continue to operate NOR events in Trading/Collectible Card Games.

Tournament information can be found on the NOMAD CCG League Forum.

Contact Information

In Game

In game contact methods will depend on the game. We will update this information when we have it.

Out of Game

New Recruit Information

NOMAD realms are designed for existing NOR members only.

  • No active Recruiting or expanding until the game becomes a [provisional branch] or the HC is petitioned.

Some exceptions:

  • Family and friends that are recruited gain the status of "Allies" and in some instance may become members per HC approval.
  • Recruits that transfer to a NOMAD realm and are no longer active in a Active Realm of NOR become Allies status.

Additional Branch Information

How do I know what events are coming up?

Why is NOMAD written in all caps?

Because it is an acronym.

What is it an acronym for?

New OutRiders Mobile Armored Division.



Branch History


  • 2016/09 The first guild group played a pen and paper game over the user interface. The event was DMed by Lasarian and organized co-organized by Talolan
  • 2016 Overwatch has been added to the realms


NORnews 07/20/14 issue 22

Turk is gaining interest in a NOR Fantasy Football League, several members have already signed up, and we're looking for some more. If you have even a slight interest in football or just spreadsheets you'll want to sign up and join us.

It doesn't matter if you have never played before or if you are an experienced veteran. All are welcome. I'm more than happy to help with questions for the newbies.

If you are interested just respond to Turk's post, linked here, as soon as possible.

Duke Talolan


NORnews 01/2014 issue 18

SolForge: The NOR SolForge tournament is ongoing. Play slowed down during the holidays, and everybody took that time to refresh their strategies. Games will pick up again soon. Civilization V: NOR will be running an online Civ V game every other Sunday starting on January 26th. All are welcome to attend but you must sign up in advance, check the NOMAD forums for details. Game Survey: NOMAD is where NOR members gather to play non-MMO games, to that end Duke Talolan will be sending out a survey to NOR members about what games they play online, or have interest in. Please fill it out when you get it, it will help us plan future events.

Duke Talolan



NORnews 11/2013 issue 16
Hail *NOR/

The new NOMAD branch continues to roll along. The SolForge tournament is continuing with Talolan and Zipin currently tied for first place. Talolan is looking for some partners for DOTA 2 (viewtopic.php?f=102&t=1845), Arttoheed is looking for NOR members to add their tag and join him in Battlefield 4 for Xbox 360 (viewtopic.php?f=102&t=1934), and Blizzard announced at BlizzCon that the upcoming Diablo 3 expansion, "Reaper of Souls," is adding guild support to the game, so look for NOR members in your Diablo 3 playthroughs as well.

If you'd like to hold a competitive or cooperative game night, or tournament, get in touch with Talolan on the NOR forums.

Duke Talolan


NORnews 10/2013 issue 15
Hail *NOR/

The NOMAD Duchy is open for business. What is NOMAD? NOMAD is a home for all members of the New OutRiders who want to stay active, but aren't playing any of the MMO's we have branches in, or for members who want to fly the NOR flag in a non-MMO game that will probably never have an official branch (like League of Legends, DOTA 2, MechWarrior Online, etc).

In addition to our existing members, NOMAD gives us the ability to recruit players in non-MMO games or games without branches, who can later join us in an MMO if it suits their desires.

Right now, NOMAD encompasses the old other games forum on the NOR boards. You can still find a list of Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, etc users in that forum and NOMAD is the official sponsor of the New OutRiders Collectible Card Game League.

Do you have an idea for an event we could run or a team we could sponsor? Let us know in the NOMAD forums.

Duke Talolan


  • October 6, 2013: Founding

Officer History

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