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Lord of the Rings Online Box Art
Ribbon: LOTRO.png
Server: Brandywine
Server Type: PvE
Alignment: N/A
Dates Occupied: 2007 - August 2012
Previous Servers: N/A
Realm Leader:
Branch Leader: Catamok

Branch Closed

Branch History

NORnews 11/2015 issue 35


For those that may still have active accounts, NOR may not have this as an active realm, but there are still a couple of us hanging out here -- primarily SweetPe and myself. So, if you are still playing and are not tagged in "The New Outriders", try finding us and we can tag you. We still have the kinship house and it has items to help you continue.

By the way, for those those that haven't been keeping up, LOTRO has expanded through Rohan, into the Paths of the Dead near Dunharrow, into Western Gondor (Dol Amroth) and along the Pelargir River Valley toward Minas Tirith (which will be released in the next expansion, soon to come out). It has also come out with a new Race/Class known as the Beornings, for those that want to try their hands with the skinchangers. Forum Discussion My Characters: Rivenari (Elf Warden), Riveni (Woman Champion), Thordwalin (Dwarf Runekeeper), Quynraen (Woman Captain), Gandriel (Elf Loremaster), Dumathorn (Dwarf Hunter), Teanu (Hobbit Burglar), Chrysolyn (Hobbit Minstrel), and Chrysolyx (Beorning) Riveni NOR/CT - ArcheAge (ARC)

NORnews 10/2013 issue 15

Greets and Hail *NOR/

Sorry for my absence from the board. In response to inquiries, I'm starting this new thread - since the "which guild is the right one?" thread is so old topic.

Helm's Deep is coming soon. I look forward to seeing you in Middle Earth. Pre-purchase the premium edition of HD (US $59.99) and receive Shield of the Hammerhand, stats scale to your level. +25% XP gain on Monster Kills, Crafting, Quest Completions. +25% Legendary Item and Mounted Combat XP. The level cap is 95 in a little over a month, so you can move quickly along continuing the journey to Edoras. The base edition is $20 less, but you miss out on some nice bonuses. Splurge, You're worth it.

The kin house is rank 10, congratulations. We do need to get around to decorating it. I'm on every day, albeit at random times - send me a tell at the characters listed below. If you don't see me on at a time that works for you, send me a PM on the NORboards, and we can arrange a meet. Finally, when you do log on, subscribe to our private user channel by typing "/joinchannel newoutriders". That way, if another officer like Riveni or Jonakiah is on, or if anyone is on an off-kin alt, we'll see your tell.

Catamok, NOR-LE, LOTRO (Kin) Catamok, Catalystic, Ringsynger (Off-Kin) Cataclysman, Catonine, Catalino, Catastrophian, Warsynger, Bladesynger- underscored toons are most frequently battling the creeps of Middle Earth

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