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The tendency for commonly used guild assets to be under the legal control of a single member and made available for use by the other members voluntarily until a conflict or other circumstances make that member unavailable for continued maintenance and the assets are lost.

Examples of this are the loss of the forums (domain and hosting) belonging to Torcha in 1998, again in 2002 by those under the control of Aglavalin (again, domain and hosting) and most recently the long term forums (both the domain and hosting yet again) as well as Ventrilo and the email accounts under the control of Raeana in 2012.

Other areas of vulnerability:

  • Domain name ownership
  • Email accounts
  • Ingame guild controls

Lasarian has been making a case against allowing this to continue since his initial induction to the High Council in 2008, arguing that not only does it endanger crucial assets used by the membership, it constitutes an unfair burden on the individual member in terms of time, but most particularly money.

Correcting it required taking some extraordinary steps, including incorporating the guild as a non-profit entity so that it could legally own property and would allow control to be spread among several members as it now is at least for the .org domain, hosting, Teamspeak 3 and email accounts.