Heart of the Purple Dragon

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Heart of the Purple Dragon
Name: Heart of the Purple Dragon
Type: Honors
Commissioned: January 10, 1995
Preceded by: None
Succeeded by: Current
First Awarded: unknown
Total Awarded:
Ribbon HPD.png
Next Higher: Silver Starburst
Next Lower: NOR Commendation Medal

First documented on January 10, 1995 this medal of the same name was awarded to members who encounter extraordinary difficulty in pursuit of helping others.


This award is given to members for unusual pain and suffering ingame and thus, an exact set of firm conditions is difficult. This is open to some interpretation and the officers must evaluate based on their own experience. It has been awarded (or should have been) for some of the following reasons:

  • Multiple or persistent computer crashes in a single night;
  • Running the same instance 48 (or some other absurd number) times for a single drop, without success;
  • Being zerg-killed by an entire instance somehow aggro'd by a recruit;

One must consider the activity of the member, a reasonable expectation of what that activity will entail and then judge whether or not the member got hosed.

For example, multiple deaths while engaged in PVP is not a reason to offer this award. The member was engaged in an activity in which one might reasonably expect as such. If, however, some sort of bug flagged them inadvertently and they got ganked mercilessly, that would be a reason.

This may be awarded down-rank by any officer of the guild.


The medal is shaped into a heart in gold with an enameled dragon, passant to the dexter in purple by a gold bullet suspender. The ribbon is in purple with a central white stripe braced on either side by gold piping.

Privileges and courtesies

  • Recipients may opt to append their names with "HPD" or the alternate ribbon image. In the case of multiple awards with such privileges, the postnomial initial order of precedence is: VOY, SSB, GAT, MCMXCII, HPD. This order applies to the alternate ribbon images as well. The alternate ribbon version of this medal is shown on the table to the left. That image may be linked via: HPD Ribbon

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