Guild Unity Event

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Guild Unity Event

What is a GLUE event?

A Guild Unity Event, or "GLUE", is a planned meeting of members to converge on a single realm at a given time, typically a weekend. These events help bring together all of our different NOR branches for one big weekend of fun! No matter if you are currently active in an NOR game, in between games, a recruit or long time member, this is a great way to catch up with old friends and meet our newest members! These are also perfect opportunities to help recruit for the hosting branch, so be sure to interact with the community and fill those groups.


  • Creates an opportunity for all members to try a game they may have not had a chance to play.
  • Gives members a chance to see old friends from games past and meet new members.
  • Supports and raises morale and may bring renewed interest in an NOR branch.
  • Helps with recruiting, gets our guild tag out there amongst the server.

Next Planned GLUE


The History of the Guild Unity Events


Dungeons & Dragons Online November 16th - 18th 2012


Star Wars: The Old Republic January 18th - 20th 2013


EverQuest 2 March 22nd - 24th 2013


Neverwinter May 10th - 12th, 2013


RIFT June 21st - 23rd 2013

Wedding of Lasarian & Stelmarii

Aug 24th 2013 8est in Rift,


EverQuest 2 October 25th - 27th 2013 "Destiny of Velius"


Star Wars: The Old Republic November 29th - December 1st 2013 (Sith & Empire Focus)


Star Wars: The Old Republic February 7th - 9th 2014

  • 25 attendees


RIFT May 30th - June 1st, 2014