Founders Medal

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Founders medal
Name: Founders Medal
Type: Legacy
Commissioned: 2013
Preceded by: None
Succeeded by: Current
First Awarded:
Total Awarded:
Ribbon MCMXCII.png
Next Higher: NOR Meritorious Achievement Medal Barony
Next Lower: NOR Family Award

This award was commissioned in 2013, sponsored by Lord Lasarian to acknowledge those members that joined NOR on the mother charter in The Shadow of Yserbius between 1992-1996.


Recipient must have joined NOR on The Shadow of Yserbius between 1992-1996. Qualified members are awarded this medal by the High Council.


The medal features an anvil on a roped medallion in antique brass finish with a simple pendant suspender. The ribbon is navy with a central white stripe and brass piping bracing scrolled brass roman numerals "MCMXCII" (1992) representing the year of our founding, ending with an ivy flourish, also in brass.

Privileges and courtesies

  • Recipients may opt to append their names with "MCMXCII" or the alternate ribbon image. In the case of multiple awards with such privileges, the postnomial initial order of precedence is: VOY, SSB, GAT, MCMXCII, HPD. This order applies to the alternate ribbon images as well. The alternate ribbon version of this medal is shown on the table to the left. That image may be linked via: MCMXCII Ribbon

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