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New OutRiders have been using one type of forums or another virtually since the founding of the guild as its primary means of member communication outside of the games we play.

2012 - Present

The current forums went live on Fri Jun 29, 2012 at 8:54 am[1] but did not come into general use until after the High Council voted to divert traffic away from the old site on August 19, 2012.

These are administered primarily by Lasarian in practice, but unlike the previous forums and domains, control and ownership of both domain and hosting belongs to the non-profit New OutRiders and controls are available to each member of the High Council, avoiding what Lasarian termed the keys to the kingdom problem. Moderation and administration privileges were also greatly expanded allowing active officers and in particular Branch Leaders to make necessary changes to the boards.


A comparison between the old boards and the new yield interesting results. The top three posters on the old forums were Raeana with 7,279, Eagle with 4,502 and Bard with 3,586. These equate to an average annual posting of 727, 500 and 358 respectively. In contrast to that, the top three posters on the new forums, Talolan, Tundrra and Zyera have just over 2,500 each, averaging roughly 1,250 posts per year each.

Furthermore, of the total number of users between the two boards, the old board has a member posting percentage of 56%, while the new boards are at about 68%. This is the percentage of the total number of users that registered to the boards that posted once or more. Participation at 100 posts or more is roughly equal, with the old boards at about 8% and the new boards at 9%.

2002 - 2012

After the loss of the site and forums located at, Lady Raeana secured the domain, posted and administered the forums that the guild would use for the next decade. Those forums went live on Wed Mar 20, 2002 at 7:43 pm[2]. She parked the domain and the hosting on a partition of her own company server, thereby providing what was essentially free hosting for the foreseeable future.[3]

In 2011 those forums began to experience substantial lag. Numerous attempts to correct it were made unsuccessfully. The forums had not been updated for several versions, the portal MOD was even farther behind and a bevy of additional MODs had since ceased development and were no longer supported. Lasarian successfully updated the phpbb version for the forums, but was unable to update the Portal MOD. The Portal was disabled in the hopes it would alleviate the lag.

Lasarian also began attempting to unravel the convoluted series of permissions for the boards to make them more accessible to officers for moderation with some limited success. However, previous administrators had typically altered forum permissions by individual user and individual forum, rather than by the more global method of assigning a member to a group with a predetermined set of desired permissions. This made the prospect of correcting the disparate permissions a matter of checking each individual user one at a time, and forum by forum. In effect, impossible.

An effort is underway to backup the site in its entirely and repost it on the current hosting server for archival purposes. This was accomplished on April 10, 2014, and now the former forums may be accessed on the new server at:

2002 - 2006


1999 - 2003


1998 - 1999


Prior to 1998


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  3. For as long as Raeanna maintained her company site.