Forum Ribbon

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Forum Ribbon
Name: Forum Ribbon
Type: Legacy
Commissioned: 2013
Preceded by: None
Succeeded by: Current
First Awarded: Talolan
April 14, 2013
Total Awarded: 6
Next Higher: Guild Unity Event Medal
Next Lower: Benefactor

This award was conceived by Baroness Zyera and Baron Ojike and sponsored by Lord Lasarian. It was commissioned in 2013 to acknowledge exceptional participation on the NOR forums.


Each variant of the award has a numerical threshold for its awarding, counted in posts to the NOR forums as follows: 1,000, 2,500, 5,000 and 10,000.


This is a silver ribbon, barred also in silver top and bottom. It is decorated by a navy device dependent upon its variant.

1,000 Posts

The first version awarded for 1,000 posts is a navy lozenge elongated from dexter to sinister.

2,500 Posts

The second version awarded for 2,500 posts is a navy lozenge elongated from the chief to the base.

5,000 Posts

The third version awarded for 5,000 posts is a four-pointed navy star in saltire.

10,000 Posts

The fourth version awarded for 10,000 posts is a combination of all the former versions into one charge, the eight-pointed star Swift in navy.


2,500 Posts variant
5,000 Posts variant
10,000 Posts variant


1,000 Posts

2,500 Posts

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