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EverQuest 2
Ribbon: RibbonEQ2.jpg
Server: Skyfire
Server Type: PvE
Alignment: Both
Dates Occupied: November 4, 2004 - March 13, 2016
Previous Servers: Mistmoore -> Permafrost
Realm Leader: Ryland
Branch Leader: vacant

Branch Closed

Branch Contact Information:


  • Realm Lord
Lord Ryland
  • Branch Leader
  • Officers

How to contact us.

Server: Permafrost (PvE)

  • How to find the Guild
    • Type "/who all New"
    • look for New Outriders.
    • You can usually find Rylandyl online. He will try to be on regularly during weekend evenings between now and the event. You may also find him on in the mornings and early afternoons (Central Time Zone) during the week.

Upcoming Game news:

Free 2 Play Information: Play free up to LvL 92

[viewtopic.php?f=32&t=757 F2P changes in detail.] A Comparsion chart of Free vs Subscription

Branch History

  • 03/13/2016 Realm Closed


NORnews 12/2013 issue 17

On Saturday, December 7, the Everquest 2 branch held its first branch meeting in quite a while. Discussions included the raiding schedule, recruiting, and even squiring and promotions.

Currently, alliance raiding is on hold while many are still playing through the new expansion content. Dainar will let us know once the alliance starts back up. This should not be too far off.

We are in full swing in regards to recruiting. We currently have 6 new recruits waiting to be squired and are continually looking for more. One thing of note, due to differing play schedules, we still have some light presence during the normal U.S. weeknight play times.

Lastly, we Squired in Corvane as our newest squire to the EQ2 branch in quite some time, and Kiyone was promoted to Squire Honor.

Thank you to all who attended and we look forward to regularly scheduled meetings including branch discussions, squirings, and promotions.


Count Ryland

*NOR/CT-EQ2/EQ2X Count of Permafrost

NORnews 11/2013 issue 16

The Guild unity event went well, had quite a few people drop in from other games. A good time was had by all.

An old member has returned to help with the rebuilding effort, welcome back Dainar. In addition, Dainar has brought in our first new recruit in quite some time, Kohli. With the new recruit, we will be having a squiring ceremony soon to properly welcome Kohli into the ranks.

We are currently trying to set up a Dungeon night. If you are interested, please see the post on the boards and let us know times that work for you. Level and equipment doesn't matter at this point, we would just like to get a re-occurring group going to have fun with other Norbies.

Also, with the return of Dainar, he has been made DM. He has brought with him a raid alliance that raids weekly. If anyone is interested in getting back into raiding, just ask Dainar for details.

Count Ryland


NORnews March 2013 issue 08
Hail *NOR/

I, Count Ryland, would like to formally invite you to attend the Guild Unity Event being hosted by the Everquest2, Permafrost Duchy. The event is planned for the weekend of March 22, extending from Friday thru Sunday. We will be sure to have members online and available for tagging new toons as well as for answering any questions that members may have. We will also be available in Teamspeak to help out as well. Depending on attendance and character levels, we will be organizing some dungeon runs and may even attempt to put together a raid or two.

I will be attempting to make myself available for the entire duration and will have all of my toons ready to either group with or to make necessary items. I plan to have usefull items for new players ready including large bags/boxes and food. I and other members of the Duchy have the necessary crafting skills to build many other items as well including spell upgrades, armor, weapons, etc to outfit newer characters once they outgrow their newby equipment.

In order to prepare, here is the link to register and download the game http://www.eq2players.com/ as well as the wiki page with tons of useful information on classes, leveling, dungeons, raids, and anything else that may be needed http://eq2.wikia.com/

I will be online for tagging toons prior to the event most mornings Central time and weekends throughout the day and evening. In order to find us, you can use the "/who all new" and look for anyone tagged with New Outriders.

I look forward to seeing you all in EQ2 and hope that we can make this a successful GLUE event.

Yours in Service,

Count Ryland *NOR/CT

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