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On or about July 10th of 2016 the question of domain and hosting renewal for Teamspeak 3 came up during a High Council meeting. This appears to have been the impetus for Lady Zyera looking into an alternate program, Discord, for this purpose. At that meeting the cost of TS3, at either 80 or 50 users was discussed for renewal at the most advantageous pricing at either $400 or $250 (for two years) and a plan to raise additional donation funds from the members to cover this expense.

It would appear shortly thereafter a test server for Discord was implemented by Zyera for evaluation purposes. On July 31st of 2016 the High Council voted to discontinue the use of Teamspeak 3 and relocate these services to Discord; also thereby saving the guild at least $125 per year in server rental fees.


On February 17, 2017 it was announced that New OutRiders was made an official partner of Discord.

Discord Partner


Server Address

Head on over to this forum post for info and the link!


Nicknames are server side. Go to member list, find your name and edit. Please use your NOR/Roster/Forum name so officers can set proper permissions. Nicknames must be set before roles are given.

Server Password


Overall positive from the membership with the usual "growing pains" when switching from one service to another. It appears to function just as well if not better than Teamspeak 3 and of course has the virtue of being free, saving the guild from $125 - $200 per year in server rental fees.


  • There was some question raised about the dubious free to use "business model" and what this might ultimately presage for the use of the service.
  • Lord Imaultis questioned the partnership status at a High Council Meeting on 2/19/17; what exactly "partnership" meant to NOR, particularly as it applies to the official incorporation status of the guild and whether or not this should have been voted on by the HC.


In late 2010 Raeana was unable to pay the monthly fee and Ventrilo went down. Starting in January of 2011 she had to stop making payments of any kind, but did provide a means for someone else to step in. Roxanne covered the fees for three months and Lasarian took over from there for another six.

The Ventrilo server was under sole the control of Raeana. The only changes the members could make was providing a credit card to pay the monthly server fee. Changes to the account holder, email address and mostly importantly, the billing cycle could not be implemented.

As a consequence, the $25 monthly fee covered by Roxanne and then Lasarian, resulted in fees totaling $225 for a mere nine months of service. In contrast, the TS3 servers could be rented for up to twelve months in advance for a total of $86. This was an unfortunate waste of $140 owing entirely to the fact that control of the asset was in the hands of a single member who was no longer available.

While obviously being cheaper, it seemed agreed that TS3 was a superior program, easier to install and manage, better sound quality and offered the text feature necessary to conduct High Council Meetings. To that point, Lasarian cited greater access and visibility to the general membership of High Council members and their meetings using the same program used for VOIP.

Teamspeak 3 was employed by the guild from 2011 - 2016 until late July when the HC voted to relocate to Discord.