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Original DAoC Box Art
Ribbon: Ribbon DAoC.png
Server: Multiple
Server Type: PvE
Alignment: Hibernia, Midgard and Albion
Dates Occupied: Oct 10, 2001 - May 6, 2007
Previous Servers: Gawaine, Bedevere, Kay
Realm Leader: SweetPe (final)
Branch Leader: SweetPe (final)

Branch Closed

Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC) was released on October 10, 2001. The game combines Arthurian lore, Norse mythology and Irish Celtic legends with a dash of high fantasy. It is set in the period after King Arthur's death and his kingdom has split into three parts which are in a constant state of war with each other. NOR opened its DAoC branch shortly before the launch of the game under Lord Aglavalinn. The branch operated until May 6, 2007 when it was closed by a vote of the NOR High Council.

Branch History

A NOR-lead raid on the Glimmer King
A NOR Guild meeting under Duke Skorj and Realm Leader WilhelmG, inside a NOR claimed keep.


The DAoC branch was opened under Lord Aglavalinn at launch. He helmed the branch for its first two months of existence and was the first member of the branch to reach top level. Count Skorj was promoted to Branch Leader on Dec. 3.


In February Lord WilhelmG took over as Realm Leader when Lord Aglavalinn stepped down. A period of rapid expansion to start the year, and the overall health of the branch under Skorj's leadership earned him a promotion to Duke on March 4th. The branch grew during this period to house two counties and five baronies.

In June, Skorj landed a very large block of "recruits" when the New OutRiders merged with the Shields of Hibernia. This brought Kasara, Rallis, Lelenia, Perrantin, Elfiran, Oakstar, and Ponchovilla to the new Muire's Tomb Barony. Kasara, Rallis and Lelenia would all become officers down the road.

In August, discussions started with the guild The Silver Hawks, about having their guild join NOR. On August 30th that trigger was pulled and the Sheeroe Hills Barony was formed (under Count Talolan, acting as Baron). That brought members, Mathais, Vashile, Tyza, Gav, Jormungandr, Livusa, Binia, Seerpent, Chesster and Taemus. On Nov. 17, Mathais would be promoted to Baron.

Game Events:

  • Feb 8: Patch 1.45 saw the introduction of an Epic Zone with a Realm Dragon for each of the game's three realms. At this point NOR was a well respected guild in Hibernia on the Gawaine server and led several (unsuccessful) attempts at the Hibernian Dragon, Cuuldurach the Glimmer King.
  • March 5: Patch 1.47 saw the ability of guilds to claim frontier keeps. For most of the next two years, a keep in the frontier on the Gawaine server would fly the NOR flag.
  • April 9: Patch 1.49 saw the addition of the Darkness Falls dungeon.
  • Nov. 12: heralded the release of DAoC's first expansion, the Shrouded Isles, which added 2 new clases and one new race to each of the game's three factions.


The branch followed through on its strong 2002, with an equally strong 2003. Skorj stepped down as Branch Leader, which lead to the very deserving promotion of Count Gilenrod to Duke and Branch Leader on June 29.

Game Events:

  • June 19: Foundations, a free expansion, adds player housing to DAoC.
  • Oct 28: Trials of Atlantis, the game's second full expansion is released, it includes three new races and Master Levels.
June 27 2003
Hail NOR!!

I know you all haven't gotten one of these in a bit but figured with the Foundations Expansion being out and lots of other stuff happening around the DAoC Duchy I would send you all a little Duchy Update Letter and check in with you all ;) So please indulge me while I ramble on for a few and try to get to the end of this email and PLEASE send a response letting me know you got this.. so I know if we have your correct email address.

We have a Duchy Meeting coming up this Sunday (June 29th) at 7pm EST 4pm PST hope a bunch of you can attend.

We have received many donations from guild members to fund our Guild House which we are hoping to get sometime next week when the lot prices drop to a more reasonable level. If you are able to donate any funds at all for guild housing it would be greatly appreciated. Elfiran is currently holding a good portion of the guild funds but if you are unable to connect with him just look for any officer who is on at the time and they can get stuff to him for ya. Also if you have items you are willing to donate to be trinketed for the Housing fund we have several crafters willing to donate there time towards trinketing. While there is certainly no required amount you need to give to the Housing Fund it would be nice if most everyone can pitch in at least a little, but we understand if you are unable to do so.

If you would like input on where the lot is placed or any other aspect of it you may want to read a couple of the threads on The Hitching Post. You can also check out the Housing Expansion and post on the boards if you have a favorite plot of land. There is a thread on the boards currently set up with some of the plots NOR members have been looking at you can find it at http://www.newoutriders.com/phpBBDAoC/v ... php?t=1029

We have a whole bunch of New Recruits so if you see a name ya don't recognize say Hello :) would go a long way towards making them all feel welcome. We have also gained several new recruits in the lands of Midgard on Bedevere. For those of you with Level 50 toons feeling like they need a break from Gawaine check out the action over on Bedevere with the new /level command. Many NORbies have already rolled up Level 30's there and are having a blast.

There is also another Slave Auction in the works and it sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun.

I know many people have tagged alts recently.. if you have any odd named alts please let your Baron(ess) know about em or drop me an email with a list of em so I can keep track of them all.. tis my job after all and sometimes it can be a bit tough. Also if you are tagging any New Recruits you need to email both myself, Eagle and the Duke with their in game name and their email addy. As NOR grows it certainly becomes a bit harder to keep track of everyone and all their alts but we pride ourselves on being able to do so and with everyones help I don't think this will be a problem.

I hope everyone is checking the boards regularly as there is always lots of good stuff posted there. If you haven't registered the boards are at http://www.newoutriders.com/phpBBDAoC/index.php If you need help with access by all means send me an Email and let me know.

For those of you who are not aware the NOR boards also offer a section for placing Crafting orders that is quite convient for everyone to use. If you can not see those boards you need to be granted access. I think I got everyone but if for some odd reason I missed you just send me an email or a PM on the boards and I will get you access.

For those interested in keeping up-to-date on alliance news the Gawaine alliance boards are at http://www.blackthornes.org/forums/ Again let me know if you need access and I will set ya up. The Midgard Bedevere Alliance Boards are at http://www.gatesofchaos.com/alliance/default.asp




On March 14, Count Asrana took over as Branch Leader when Duke Gilenrod stepped down. Asrana worked tirelessly to keep the branch alive and thriving, but the releases of EverQuest 2 and World of Warcraft in November made a serious dent in the population of the DAoC branch.

Game Events:

  • June 22: The free New Frontiers, expansion remakes the game's RvR into one large zone, instead of having separate frontier zones for each realm.
  • Dec 7: Catacombs, the third full expansion, adds five new classes, instanced dungeons, and new art for old player models, and dungeons (except Darkness Falls).


Branch history incoming...

  • November 6: SweetPe announces the promotion of Temaile to Count and Arizen to Baron. Branch is reporting approximately 12 members.

Game Events:

  • Oct 11: Darkness Rising, the forth full expansion, adds champion weapons, player mounts, Champion Levels and subclassing, new dungeons and instanced zones for the new Champion Quests and new graphics for the game world's models.


With membership already flagging, the release of Dungeons & Dragons Online spells eventual doom for the DAoC branch.

  • January 22: High Council meeting includes the current Realm Leader of DAoC, Lady Sille with Lord Ayeone in attendance, although he is not an official member of the CoC;
  • February 12: SweetPe assumes the role of both Realm and Branch Leader;
  • March 18: Lord WilhelmG, among the founding members of NOR, passes away;
  • May 7: Branch reports 5 members;
  • August 6: Branch reports 3 members;
  • October 29: SweetPe announces that both she and Arizen have cancelled their DAoC accounts, reports that the two remaining members, Temaile and Gypsilady logged in most recently two weeks prior to this date. The branch would not be officially closed for another six months.

Game Events:

  • Nov 5: Labyrinth of the Minotaur, the fifth full expansion, added a new race, a new class, a new RvR dungeon, and additional champion levels.


  • May 6: With membership at an all time low, the High Council of the guild votes to close the DAoC branch. Lady SweetPe made the announcement on the NOR forums.

Game Events:

  • Sept 5: New New Frontiers, is released. This patch included a significant revamp of the siegecraft system.

Branch Specific Awards

Haileyan was awarded the Duke's Award for Excellence on January 25th, 2004 by Duke Gilenrod after three solid years as a leader on the branch at all levels: as a member, officer and DMG member.

RvR Awards

One of the tasks that Duke Skorj set on Dungeon Master Talolan was to come up with RvR awards for the realm. Talolan got input from the entire DMG, and branch as a whole (with Mathais doing most of the actual work, and Haileyan and Mookster making significant contributions) and came up with the RvR awards below, based on the Realm Rank achieved by a character.

  • Realm Rank 4 - Defender of <Realm>, and a small silver weapon/shield
  • Realm Rank 5 - Guardian of <Realm>, and a large gold weapon/shield
  • Realm Rank 6 - Avenger of <Realm>, and a Bronzed enemy head (troll head for example)
  • Realm Rank 7 - Sentinel of <Realm>, Diamond Encrusted Siege Ram
  • Realm Rank 8 - Vindicator of <Realm>, Platinum enemy trophy (not just the head like before)
  • Realm Rank 9 - Juggernaut of <Realm>, Mythril Replica Relic (ie: Mathais would receive a Mythril Replica Cauldron of Dagda)
  • Realm Rank 10 - Savior of <Realm>, Marble Statue of him or herself

Please note, this information is only available through the September, 2004, roster update.

Lakasha gets rolled by a rampaging horde from Albion.
The New OutRiders claim Caer Benowyc.
DAoC RvR Awards
Title Award Recipient Date
Defender of Hibernia Silver Flute
Silver Wand
Silver Sickle
Silver Hammer
Silver Mace
Silver Hammer
Silver Arrow
Silver Buckler
Silver Buckler
Silver Hammer
Silver Wand
Defender of Midgard Silver Buckler SweetPe 7/19/03
Guardian of Hibernia Golden Staff
Golden Staff
Golden Lute
Golden Sledgehammer
Golden Sledgehammer
Golden Block Shield
Golden Dagger
Guardian of Midgard Golden Block Shield SweetPe 7/19/03
Avenger of Hibernia Bronze Troll Head
Bronze Troll Head
A NOR member in his natural habitat... surrounded by the corpses of his friends.

Notable Recruits

The following is a partial list of some of the long-time NOR members who were recruited in Dark Age of Camelot, ordered by recruit date.

Possible Reunions

In early 2013, Mark Jacobs, founder of Mythic Entertainment, and creator of Dark Age of Camelot announced that his new company, City State Entertainment, would be making a new tri-Realm game using the same legendary foundation as Dark Age of Camelot. The Kickstarter campaign for Camelot Unchained would launch at the beginning of April. Mark joined us on the New OutRiders Podcast in February to give us his history and vision.

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