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NOR Logo

The Coat of Arms for New OutRiders has evolved over the years, almost of its own volition. The current logo, or standard, used on the site was designed by Lasarian, but drew on extensive research into the graphic history of the representations of the guild both ingame and on various sites.

Shown in the image to the right is the logo, which may be distinguished from the unembellished coat of arms by the removal of the bold "NOR" in front of the image, thus:

NOR Coat of Arms

The sword is Ybarra named for the creator of The Shadow of Yserbius. The star is Swift, named for the comet Swift-Tuttle that was visible in 1992 and is due to return in 2126.


An epithet on Yserbius

The principle components of the current device are a sword, a shield and a star. The basis of these elements is rooted solidly on the mother charter TSoY in what was then referred to as an epithet below the character name, shown here:

The asterisk-like symbol representing a shield with a star on it and of the course, the sword after NOR. Unfortunately, only Yserbius offered these special characters ingame. Thereafter, the closest approximation of *NOR/ was devised and is used to this day.

At this point, NOR maintained no symbol, official colors or motto. In fact, no vote of the HC has ever been taken to specify what the official versions of any of these are for the guild until the April 2nd, 2017 ratification of the new Charter.


Lord EdU's symbol

The next graphic example of a symbol representing the guild is from 1998 with Lord EdU roster program which featured this device

The shield is quite prominent, and this particular device is quartered and served as the basis for the rank symbol of Duke. Also included are two crossed swords and a bolt of lighting. This is not the last time the bolt of lightning would appear on an NOR symbol, but it seems to have come and gone over the years depending on who was designing it.

Less obvious is the star, which may be the basis for the rosette surrounding the shield. The colors of course are blue and gold in this instance, although blue and white (or silver) would be far more common.

Lasarian once created a device in 1997 to represent the Duchy on Empiriana that featured a shield divided by a bolt of lightning, with a sword on one side and the constellation of Orion (stars) on the other. White stars in the constellation represented current, open realms, while red stars indicated closed. Unfortunately, that image has since been lost.


EQ site banner

What may have been the first image to feature a horse appeared in 1999 on the website created for EverQuest by an unknown artist. This is a winged-horse, but the equestrian theme would persist for many years to come.

Here again we see the colors blue and gold used as opposed to blue and silver.


Forums 2000.png
Forumlettering 2000.gif

Here we see the shield, star and sword motif intact in the center, supported by two mounted knights with lances (right) although the details on them have always been difficult to discern. This was combined to create the forum banner head that includes the sword as well (left).

The sword is fashioned after Tizona, the sword borne by El Cid in the 11th century. The use of this iconic weapon as the basis for the NOR sword has persisted to this day.




This symbol was used for the DAoC branch wesbite, once hosted on along with the EQ Zeb branch. It features a shield in party per pale with the colors of blue and silver which was the basis for the Count rank. This also bears the device of a silhouette of a heraldic unicorn rampant to the sinister.


Griffon 2001.png

This image was taken from a screenshot of the players on DAoC. This shield also keeps the colors of blue and silver, but with a chevron and a heraldic griffon to the dexter. This configuration is the basis for the use of the chevrons on the ranks badges for Squire, Knight and Champion as well as the crest for House Galabryan.


Shield 2002.jpg

This symbol may have originally been used on the first site. It was set as a placeholder for the domain sometime in 2000 or 2001 after the site went down and was used for the EQ Rathe site originally hosted at by Raeana and would eventually be used for the main site at the same location in one form or another for the better part of ten years.


Wow 2006.jpg

This was created by Lasarian in 2006 in an attempt to include what he remembered from his Duchy standard back on Empiriana but include known or frequent elements used by NOR as well as the tabard that had been adopted on Warcraft once he received the Duchy.

This was intended to represent the Duchy of Moonglade on World of Warcraft only, not the entire guild of course. It is a heraldic shield, quartered, with the rising sun in the first quarter. This was used as the tabard as the closest approximation to a star he could find in the available icons. In the second quarter is an eight pointed star, still in use. The third quarter is two crossed swords, again styled after Tizona and finally, harking back to his original duchy on Empiriana the constellation of Orion.

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