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New OutRiders is organized in a medieval-style system of ranking.

Proper Address

Almost entirely for role play purposes, this chart specifies the proper modes of address of rank throughout the guild.

Rank obviously indicates the rank of the person being addressed. Note that the courtesies offered to Lords and Ladies applies to both seated High Council members and those holding Emeritus status.

Formal address would appear on the outside of an envelope or heading of a letter, and would likely rarely, if ever, be used. It would be used should one be granted an award or certificate.

Salutation, like any other letter or email, is where normally you would greet the person being addressed, such as "Dear Bob".

Verbal address is when you are speaking directly to the individual in person, on the phone or via any other voice communication. If text communication is taking the place of verbal communication, use this form of address as well - ingame (character to character) or on Discord for example.

Rank Formal address Salutation Verbal address
Lord or Lady His or Her Grace, [Rank] of NOR [Name] My Lord or my Lady [Name] Your Grace; or
Lord or Lady [Name]
Duke or Duchess His or Her Grace, [Rank][Name] My Lord Duke or my Lady Duchess Your Grace; or
Duke or Duchess
Marquis or Marquesse
Count or Countess
Most Honorable [Rank][Name] My Lord Count or my Lady Countess Your lordship or ladyship
Viscount or Contessa
Baron or Baroness
Right Honorable [Rank][Name] My Lord [Rank] or my Lady [Rank] Your lordship or ladyship
Champion or Knight
Sir or Dame [Name]; or
Sir or Madam
Sir or Dame [Name]; or
Sir or Madam
Sir or Dame [Name]; or
Sir or Madam

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