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The Branch Leader is the main person that runs the realm and makes the day to day decisions regarding the direction that branch takes. Branch Leaders are normally the rank of Duke/Duchess, however smaller branches or provisional branches can start off with a Baron/ess or Count/ess as the Branch Leader and they will be responsible for the Duke/Duchess Mandates

Branch Leader Mandate

  1. Follow the items listed in the Officer Mandate
  2. Moderate and Schedule branch meetings.
  3. Supervise the officers in your Duchy, and meet with them as often as necessary to keep the Duchy running smoothly.
  4. Promote up to CT/CS to fill the needs of a growing Duchy.
  5. Ensure the Branch online roster is current and updated before the first Sunday of each calendar month. This may be delegated to another Officer.
  6. Attend the weekly HC meetings at least twice each month, one being the official business meeting.
  7. Notify members monthly via guild Newsletter of your realm's current state, such as changes in officership, guild events, major game and branch changes and updates.
  8. Act as Liaison to the other Guilds/Orders and entities within your server as needed

Revision History

  • Approved: 3-29-1998
  • Aprroved: 4-2-2017 Charter