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This is a live, face-to-face, RL event between members of NOR.


Aug 19th in Bloomington IN is the next scheduled NORbash to celebrate 25yrs of NOR. Hosted by Tundrra & Nimm. The cook out is set around the gaming convention GenCon in the near by capital Indianapolis. forum post

Left to right: (back row) Gustyn, Sansing, Ryland, Nimm, Brianna, Vasniar, Galaxiya, Gloki, Rain, Alcyone, Tundrra, (frontrow) Skrillex, Ainsley, Kaurix


Attendees gathered at Minnewaska State Park Preserve just outside of New Paltz, New York around midday on May 18, 2013. They toured the park visiting scenic locations for a few hours and retired to New Paltz later in the day to break bread together. Dinner was followed by a brief walk, ice cream and coffee before exchanging gifts prior to departure before dark.


Left to right: Stelmarii, Lasarian, Roxanne, Riveni, Dalton (in front of Riv) Koram, Litea and Khaei

The event was attended by the following members of NOR:

Also in attendance was Koram and Litea's youngest son, Dalton. Why is this boy not yet tagged?




2003 Summer

2003 Spring




Before 2000

If there were Bashes prior to 2000, and it is likely that there were, we no longer have any record of them.

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