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A Barony is the smallest unit of organization within NOR. It typically consists of four to six (4-6) members and a presiding officer ranked Baron or above for a total of five to seven (5-7) active members. It is the "base" of the hierarchical organization structure and the first unit to form in a new Realm.

A new Branch is first formed as a provisional Barony. It then grows into a County, then a full-fledged Duchy. Until the new branch reaches Duchy status, the Branch is considered provisional and each month the High Council is required to review the Branch status and determine if it is a functional part of NOR, if it should be expanded and if it should continue to exist.


Active Open Realms are the most active games that New OutRiders members currently play. These branches of the guild actively recruit, run events, and have a structured hierachy.
  1. An active realm must fall into the size of Barony, County or Duchy; and
  2. Have a member able to perform the duties of a Branch Leader.
Four to six (4-6) members and one (1) officer, typically a Baron or higher;
Eight to twelve (8-12) members and three (3) officers, two Barons and one Count;
Sixteen to twenty-four (16-24) members and seven (7) officers, four Barons, two Counts and one Duke;


The original purpose of the hierarchy structure was to assist in the distribution of in-game mail.  The Shadow of Yserbius did not have a mass mail system.  Sending mail was a "one member at a time" affair that was cumbersome and time-consuming. Once the guild grew to over one hundred members distributing the weekly NOR newsletter could easily amount to an eight hour event for a single person.  This system was devised to assist in the distribution of mail to all of the members. The ranking officer would send mail to the Dukes, the Dukes then to their Counts and so on.