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Havoc Squad
Name: Arttoheed
Rank: Duke
Current Realm: SWTOR
Office: Branch Leader of SWTOR & SWTOR:DMG Dungeon Master
Joined: date
Awards: New Member of the Year 12/8/2013
Honors: optional
Roster: Arttoheed
Email: email Arttoheed

Arttoheed is a level 55 gunnery spec commando and is the main character on the account. He is the Branch Leader & Dungeon Master of the NOR Realm of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Currently working on an updated gear profile

The Backstory

My love of gaming started with a Christmas present when younger: a Nintendo Entertainment System with Super Mario Bros. Pretty sure I have owned/played on every system after that point, including talking my parents into purchasing a new computer every year after to keep up with the games. My main passion in life always has been and always will be aviation, but I also have a love for electronics. I am the Network Administrator for a medium sized company in Michigan, and do Flight Instruction and Web Design on the side.

My first experience with an MMO of any kind was Star Wars: Galaxies. I played from launch until the NGE on the "Eclipse" server. My main toon became a Jedi post CU and then an "Elder Jedi" post NGE. I loved the sandbox style of the game and the very in depth crafting system. I tried WoW for a short time, but disliked the community to the point of quitting. I beta tested LOTRO, and still have an active account on "Brandywine" that I rarely log in to.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

I started following SWTOR from the first public rumors. I pre-ordered the game on the first day, and participated in 2 beta weekends. I started my first character during early access on the "Lord Adraas" server and leveled him to 50 (sith assassin). Frustrated with the lack of end-game and the attitude of some of the early PvP players, I took a short break, wondering whether there would ever be another MMO that held my attention the way SWG did. I made my return to TOR around the time of the server transfers, and transferred my only character at the time to "The Ebon Hawk". It was at this time I decided to roll a Republic character, and settled on a trooper. This character became Arttoheed, and took the spot of my "main character" on my account. After leveling to 50 and starting to gear up (pre free Tionese gear), I decided it was time to try some raiding. My guild was small, and no one raided so I started searching the forums for any guilds advertising open raid spots. I found a recruitment post for NOR, and immediately contacted Tundrra. I have been raiding with NOR ever since, and have moved several of my toons into the NOR guild. Having been recently promoted into the SWTOR:DMG, I have been working with several members to get a second raid night setup and have been preparing for the launch of Rise of the Hutt Cartel.

Other characters of note on this account:

Xennos 55 Defense Guardian
Sonnex 50 Sawbones Scoundrel
Viitta 38 Seer Sage
Vorxib 50 Assassin

Offices Held
Preceded by Office Succeeded by
Tundrra SWTOR:DMG Duke, Arttoheed
12/08/13 - date
Riveni SWTOR:DMG Count, Arttoheed
08/25/13 - 12/08/13
Tundrra SWTOR:DMG Dungeon Master, Arttoheed
05/22/13 - date
NA SWTOR:DMG Baron, Arttoheed
05/07/13 - 08/25/13
NA SWTOR:DMG Knight Protector, Arttoheed
03/20/13 - 05/22/13

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