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With the incorporation of the non-profit organization as well as the possibility of securing the Guinness World Record for the Longest Running Online Gaming Guild, it seemed prudent to stop using "borrowed" artwork for the website and the forums. Prior to the creation of these images there was no official guild logo, no visual component for the ranks, awards or NOR Castle that belonged solely to the guild.

The logo was designed by James R. Witmer, II (Lasarian) and implemented graphically by Rodolpho Langhi. It is the property of New OutRiders, Inc., save the rights to the font used which is Stonecross. The Stonecross font was designed by Scriptorium Fonts.

Shown below is the original sketch done by Lasarian, the full color version of the logo and the vector version of the logo, which has been used for screen printing and embroidering patches.

NOR Logo
NOR Logo sketch.jpg NOR Logo.png NOR Logo vector.jpg


NOR Ranks
Lord.png Duke.png Count.png Baron.png Champion.png Knight.png Squire.png


NOR Castle Seasons
Nor castle spring.jpg Castle summer.jpg Castle autumn.jpg Castle winter.jpg


NOR Awards & Medals
Award VOY.png Award SSB.png Award GAT.png Award HPD.png Award Welcome.png Award NORComm.png Award NORMAM DK.png Award NORMAM CT.png Award NORMAM BN.png
Award MCMXCII.png Award Family.png Award GLUE.png Award 1000Posts.png Award OotY.png Award MotY.png Award NMotY.png