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Online application

A single place where all prospective members may apply to the guild currently located on the website here: Application. The initial version of the online application was written entirely by Lasarian and functioned well, but did not include the validation and security measures needed to protect the site. Shortly after going live it was pulled to protect the site from spammers. The application went live again on April 5, 2013 including those validation and security measures provided by Staxitix.


It includes a brief introduction written by Roxanne:

New OutRiders is the longest running guild in existence. We were formed in 1992 on The Shadow of Yserbius. Since then we have had a presence in many MMOs. When you join the New OutRiders, you become a part of that enduring legacy. You are also joining a family!
We expect members to be helpful, engaged and courteous to each other as well as the gaming community. In the beginning all that will be expected of you is to have fun! When in doubt, you can always fall back on what you learned in Kindergarten: Be polite, wait your turn and share with others.
When you first join NOR you start out as a Recruit - technically, not an official member of the guild. To be made a permanent member you must show us that you are a good fit. The officers will monitor your conduct before making the decision to Squire, or induct you, into the guild. The surest way to get promoted being online and engaged with our members. Helping others, volunteering for events, participating in guild chat and the forums are all ways of showing us that you deserve that promotion.
We expect mature behaviour in game, guild chat and Teamspeak. That means curbing the profanity and absolutely no harassment. As with all things: Moderation.
One last thing! NOR has a tradition in which we greet one another whenever coming online. Typically, that greeting is "Hail *NOR/" We are a social bunch and are looking forward to getting to know you! If you are interested in more detailed information about our guild check out the documents section of this site.

After the last update, the recruiting video "Is NOR for you?" was included on the page.

The introduction by Roxanne was later pared down and revised by Lasarian:

Before You Apply

You are about to join the oldest guild in existence. In some ways though you are also joining a family.
We expect our members to be helpful, engaged and courteous to each other as well as the wider gaming community around them. We expect age-appropriate behaviour in game, guild chat and Discord. That means curbing the profanity and absolutely no harassment. We also keep a traditional greeting whenever coming online. It won't be long before you're seeing a lot of: "Hail *NOR/" in guild chat.
You will start out as a Recruit, technically, not an official member of the guild. The officers will monitor your conduct before making the decision to induct you into the guild as a Squire. For additional information on the internal workings of our guild please see our full list of policies.

Validated information

Applicants provide some basic information in the required fields, as follows:

  • First name (real name)
  • Email address
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Character name
  • Game selection (from a drop down menu)

Unvalidated information

Those required and validated fields are followed by five voluntary text areas where the applicant may furnish additional information. Although not validated any text entered into these fields is sanitized before being uploaded to the database.

  • How did you hear about NOR? (from a drop down menu)
  • Please tell us more about how you came to us.
  • Briefly describe your previous gaming and guild experience.
  • Do you have any expectations of NOR? What do you want from a guild?
  • Do you have any comments or questions you would like to add?
  • If you have "alts" or other characters you want tagged into NOR, you can list them here.

Lastly the applicant must acknowledge the following:

By applying for membership in NOR you agree to abide by our rules and regulations. If your application is accepted, you will be given an invitation on the appropriate game at the rank of 'Recruit' and you will undergo and evaluation period of up to a month. During that time, your officers will decide if they feel you are a good fit for the guild and of course, you will have to decide if NOR is a good fit for you.

That application is emailed automatically to the appropriate officer based on the applicant's game selection. That email includes a link that the officer may follow to approve or deny the application. This process may also be performed directly from the Roster's Admin Hub. If approved, the applicant will be sent an email informing them of such as well as providing information about the site, how to register to the forums, listen to the podcast or read the newsletter. The applicant's information is also automatically moved to the roster.

If denied, the applicant will receive a different email informing them of the denial, possible reasons why and who to contact for more information.