2013 Annual Report

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This is the Annual Report of the New OutRiders, Inc., non-profit from January 1, 2013 through the end of the end of the calendar year on December 31, 2013 presented to the membership by the High Council.

Games 9
Active Officers 20
Active Members 280
Registered Members 279
New Recruits 85
Detaggs  ?



The Neverwinter and NOMAD branches were opened, making the total number of branches nine (9); albeit, with several less active branches included in that figure, such as Lord of the Rings Online and even World of Warcraft. The most active by far are currently Star Wars: The Old Republic and Neverwinter.

Active Officers

As many as twenty active officers guildwide.

Active Members

According to the roster, approximately two hundred eighty active members.

Registered Members

This accounts for members signed up on the forums. As of April 24, 2014, this figure is two hundred seventy-nine.

New Recruits

According to the application, there were eighty-five (85) new recruits that applied online for membership in *NOR/ in 2013.


Our retention rate is as yet unknown. The roster will require some updating and additional work to make these data easier to parse. By way of illustration; however, Neverwinter has garnered a total of one hundred seven recruits since the Application went live. To date, with the information available, that branch indicates a loss of approximately fifty-three recruits, between MIAs, Quitting, detaggs and expulsions.


Donations, gifts $245.45
Donations, cash $814.32
Store $25.00
Investments $0.00
Total Income $1,084.77
Hosting -$0.00
Teamspeak 3 -$125.57
PayPal fees -$28.13
Administrative -$0.00
KickStarter "Camelot Unchained"
Total Expenses -$795.52
Starting Balance $166.18
Balance $184.98


The total income for the year was unusually high at $814.32 due largely to $600 toward the *NOR/ Kickstarter campaign for Camelot Unchained, in which Talolan successfully organized a group effort in the name of the guild to donate at a level to qualify as a guild sponsor.

The remaining $214.32 in cash was from member contributions, in addition to a single Guild Store sale for $25.00 for a ballcap to Mezzevil. $69.95 was donated by Lasarian in kind, for the royalty free licensing for music for the Podcast and for a spreadsheet program that proved handy for the Roster Project. $175.50 was paid for by Tundrra on behalf of the guild in Constant Contact fees for the Newsletter.

No investments were made this year.


There was no expense for hosting in 2013, as it was paid through 2014. Teamspeak 3 was upgraded from 25 slots to 40 slots, but we pay the annual rate for the 40% discount. That fee will come up again in 2014 for $116.64.

The PayPal fees are what is taken as their "cut" from each donation or payment. It is 2.9% of the amount plus 0.30 per transaction.

Finally, of course, was the $600 Kickstarter contribution to Camelot Unchained. That left a balance for the year of $184.98. $100 of it in the NUVO Bank account and $84.98 in the PayPal account.

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