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Lord Ryland

20 yrs
of membership
Lord Tundrra

13 yrs
of membership
Lord Yavool

11 yrs
of membership
Lady Zyera

10 yrs
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Active NOR Realms The NOR Realms are the most active games that New OutRiders members currently play. These branches of the guild actively recruit, organize events, and have a structured hierachy.
71 call Neverwinter home
57 call Guild Wars 2 home
42 call Black Desert Online home
27 call Elder Scrolls Online home
15 call Star Wars: The Old Republic home
15 call Dungeons & Dragons Online home
12 call ArcheAge home
8 call TableTop home
4 call Camelot Unchained home
4 call EverQuest 2 home
2 call Overwatch home

Years of Gaming!

est: January 1992
4 Active Realm Leaders.
6 Active Branch Leaders.
17 Active Officers.
231 Active Members.

1289 Members not currently active.
NOMAD NOMAD games are places where the New OutRiders "jacket" guild name is used by our members. These branches have no recruiting or structured hierachy. examples: Closed inactive branches where a few members remain, New games that have not yet developed enough interest to become full NOR Realms.

Realm Archive The Realm Archive is a record of all our games, within you will find your old guildmates and where they currently play.