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Established in 2017


Total Members: 6
Total Recruits: 0
Total Active Players: 6
Total Visitors: 2


Longest In NOR:
 Lady Emeritus Roxanne June 1994
 Count Kermit April 2000
 Duke Talolan October 2001

The High Council Monthly Realm Report

TableTop Nov 20 2017
LE 1, LE 1, DK 1, CT 1, BA 1, SH 1,
Total Active: 6
Total Visitors: 2

Abbr Key



Active Members

Lady Emeritus Roxanne *NOR/LE-TT
  Alts: PPR20[Nicnivin]
Squiring: 06-02-1994
Recruited: 06-01-1994 by Naquav
Lord Emeritus Zifnab *NOR/LE-TT
  Alts: Baiz, zifnab13 TT[Milo Tealeaf]
Squiring: 04-01-1994
Recruited: 03-25-1994 by
Duke Talolan *NOR/DK-TT
  Alts: PPR20[Lisa Bartin, Nara Wrathon]
Squiring: 11-02-2001
Recruited: 10-26-2001 by Aleena
Count Kermit *NOR/CT-TT
  Alts: nw[@jfs02, kermitsham, kermitum, LilK, Kermitlock, Lady K, ZacKermitia] WoW[Mildrith, TheFrog, Kobiefroggie] TR[NORkermie, NORkermit] PPR20[Raharmir Whitepaw, Kharas Drachedandion]
Squiring: 04-19-2000
Recruited: 04-05-2000 by
Baron Nimm *NOR/BA-TT
  Alts: NW [@nimmriggers, nimm, ni-im, nimm, nimmerous] TT[Eddison Judokeg, Nieroma]
Squiring: 08-05-2013
Recruited: 09-25-2012 by Tundrra
Squire Honor Zelldeb *NOR/SH-TT
  Alts: Acronimicron, Linduva, Lildywenae, Delotha, Thavron, Lakwenien, GW2[zelldeb.5708] BDO[ Familyname: Ironloins] TT[Zidlur Groundviewer, Thuringwethil]
Squiring: 08-12-2005
Recruited: 07-10-2005 by Tundrra

Active Vistors

Lord Tundrra *NOR/LD-SWG
  currently Active in Neverwinter
remove vistor
  Alts: NW[ @tundrrabloom] EQ2[Kheldar, Drrat, Drrant, Ttundrra, Tund, Faedrra] SWG[tundra, tundrra] TT[Deluna Nightray, Tundrra HammerStone]
Squiring: 03-21-2004
Recruited: 12-12-2003 by Brambt
Squire test2.3 *NOR/SQ-SWG
  currently Active in NOMAD
remove vistor
  Alts: test, thanks
Squiring: 27th of April 2017
Recruited: by

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