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31 recorded players in Vanguard wore the New Outriders jacket.
Active Members in current NOR realms:
  Duke Sokolov is Currently Playing: NOMAD
  Baroness Tegen is Currently Playing: Star Wars: The Old Republic
  Lord Tundrra is Currently Playing: Neverwinter
Members not currently active:
  Duke Allestair
  Lord Emeritus Bard
  Squire Cadd
  baron Callais
  Squire Cetixy
  Squire Confusicus
  Squire Dainar
  Lord Emeritus Dalgrin
  Duke DarkJustice
  Squire Dorily
  Countess Elva
  Count Excedium
  Squire Greymyst
  Squire Jaffar
  Duchess Kennae
  Squire Koeie
  Squire Kurdt
  Baron Lorindar
  Squire Loufia
  Squire Mman
  Squire Oloco
  Squire Primo
  Knight Rene
  Count Riveni
  Baron Sneakkie
  Squire Thendil
  Count Trebble
  Baron Wartide