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62 recorded players in World of Warcraft wore the New Outriders jacket.
Active Members in current NOR realms:
  Baron BurleyDawg is Currently Playing: Guild Wars 2
  Duke Gustin is Currently Playing: Black Desert Online
  Lord Emeritus Imaultis is Currently Playing: ArcheAge
  Count Kermit is Currently Playing: TableTop
  Count Koram is Currently Playing: Elder Scrolls Online
  Count Malkion is Currently Playing: Neverwinter
  Duke Quielin is Currently Playing: Star Wars: The Old Republic
  Squire Sarocus is Currently Playing: Elder Scrolls Online
  Duchess Seyella is Currently Playing: Guild Wars 2
  Squire Silverquick is Currently Playing: Dungeons & Dragons Online
  Duke Talolan is Currently Playing: TableTop
  Baron Vashile is Currently Playing: Camelot Unchained
  Lady Zyera is Currently Playing: Guild Wars 2
Members not currently active:
  Knight Boelvine
  Knight CannedHamster
  Duchess Cnedran
  Squire Honor Crestyna
  Knight Davill
  Knight Deathtaker
  Baron Draven
  Knight Elbrytorn
  Knight Epoxy
  Knight Firebahl
  Baron Freakizoid
  Squire Gorguts
  Lady Emeritus Gwenivieve
  Count Haileyan
  Knight Hosagi
  Knight Kenea
  Baroness Khiah
  Count Kordolmer
  Count Krag
  Squire Krisagi
  Squire Lanier
  Lord Emeritus Lasarian
  Baron LiangNikon
  Baron Liceto
  Knight Litea
  Champion Malokye
  Squire Necrodancer
  Baron Ojike
  Squire Orphen
  Champion Panda
  Squire patgrandma
  Squire Ramodd
  Squire Riple
  Champion Rolando
  Duke Skorj
  Squire Skyelarke
  Knight Snowflake
  Champion Stelmarii
  Knight Taelula
  Countess Tatsukki
  Champion Vrynn
  Squire Wassamadda
  Knight Wyim
  Squire Zaerael
  Baron Zaknefien
  Baron Zallis