Dark Age of Camelot
2001 - 2007


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95 recorded players in Dark Age of Camelot wore the New Outriders jacket.
Active Members in current NOR realms:
  Count Gilenrod is Currently Playing: Elder Scrolls Online
  Count Kermit is Currently Playing: TableTop
  Countess Lakasha is Currently Playing: Camelot Unchained
  Countess Lelenia is Currently Playing: Camelot Unchained
  Baron Mezzevil is Currently Playing: Neverwinter
  Duke Quielin is Currently Playing: Star Wars: The Old Republic
  Duke Rallis is Currently Playing: Elder Scrolls Online
  Lady Emeritus Sweetpe is Currently Playing: Lord of the Rings Online
  Duke Talolan is Currently Playing: TableTop
  Squire test2.3 is Currently Playing: NOMAD
  Baron Vashile is Currently Playing: Camelot Unchained
  Lord Emeritus Zifnab is Currently Playing: TableTop
  Squire Zipin is Currently Playing: Camelot Unchained
Members not currently active:
  Squire Aberdwyn
  Squire Adaris
  Squire Adriam
  Squire Aeionase
  Knight Aglavalin
  Baron Aleena
  Knight Amiril
  Squire Aranatur
  Count Arizen
  Count Asrana
  Squire Athellas
  Lord Emeritus Ayeone
  Squire Honor Binia
  Knight Boelvine
  Knight Brooclyn
  Squire Broodman
  Knight Bruudman
  Baroness Caelynn
  Squire Caletes
  Knight Chesster
  Squire Cilderen
  Squire Ckeven
  Squire Ckevin
  Squire Honor Cleetus
  Duchess Cnedran
  Squire Dhaemon
  Lord Emeritus Eagle
  Squire Ebloirig
  Baron Elfiran
  Knight Elindil
  Squire Etheniel
  Squire Famador
  Squire Fineus
  Knight Firesong
  Squire Frontline
  Baron Goldenboy_DAoC
  Duke Grimlock
  Baron Gypsiladi
  Squire Hackit
  Count Haileyan
  Squire Hayze
  Squire Hazii
  Knight Illian
  Duke Jara
  Count Jayce
  Squire Kalahar
  Countess Kasara
  Duchess Kennae
  Count Kordolmer
  Baroness Korianda
  Baron Laedoc
  Squire Lasior
  Knight LivUSA
  Squire Madarr
  Squire Malakki
  Grandee Mathais
  Squire Mookster
  Squire Morabus
  Baron NORAdarin
  Squire Odheclave
  Squire Honor Oligrynn
  Knight Perrantin
  Count Piemur
  Squire Platanum
  Squire Ponchovilla
  Knight Ravan
  Squire Resolute
  Squire Rjallen
  Squire Salvagess
  Baron Skona Ravine
  Duke Skorj
  Squire Tallanor
  Squire Teleria
  Countess Temaile
  Squire Thresa
  Baron Ton
  Squire Trisvan
  Squire Velacio
  Squire Weeble
  Lord Emeritus WilhelmG
  Knight Wyim
  Baron Zaknefien