The Shadow of Yserbius
1992 - 1996


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56 recorded players in The Shadow of Yserbius wore the New Outriders jacket.
Active Members in current NOR realms:
  Lady Emeritus Roxanne is Currently Playing: TableTop
  Lord Emeritus Zifnab is Currently Playing: TableTop
Members not currently active:
  Duke Avatar
  Squire Azucena
  Lord Emeritus Baldrak
  Baron BashMaster
  Lord Emeritus Bromber
  Lord Emeritus Cormac
  Lord Emeritus Damien
  Squire Dargenraif
  Squire Darksyde
  Squire Deacon
  Squire Dim
  Baron Dundrunder
  Lord EdU
  Lord Emeritus Elidriel
  Lord Emeritus FLar
  Squire Gandalf
  Knight Gorathe
  Lord Emeritus Grognard
  Lady Emeritus Gwenivieve
  Squire Indy
  Lord Emeritus Jarro
  Squire Jeff
  Squire LadyAlice
  Lord Emeritus Lasarian
  Lady Emeritus Leahh
  Lord Emeritus Leto
  Knight Lioness_tsoy
  Squire Mablerode
  Lord Emeritus Messalina
  Squire MissMay
  Squire MondoMan
  Squire Mylar
  Knight Nos
  Squire Othos
  Squire Porthos
  Squire Raistlin
  Squire Reaper
  Squire Riot
  Squire Shanera
  Squire SirChud
  Squire Snarf
  Squire SnoopDogg
  Squire Strider
  Knight Sundancer
  Squire Tartan
  Knight Tawney
  Squire Tierdan
  Squire TooShort
  Squire Tristara
  Squire Ween
  Lord Emeritus WilhelmG
  Squire XMan
  Squire Zhang
  Baron Zoso