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175 recorded players in NOR wore the New Outriders jacket.
Active Members in current NOR realms:
  Lord Emeritus AbinSur is Currently Playing: Elder Scrolls Online
  Baron Hrothnor is Currently Playing: Neverwinter
  Duke Intisar is Currently Playing: Star Wars: The Old Republic
  Count Koram is Currently Playing: Elder Scrolls Online
  Countess Lakasha is Currently Playing: Camelot Unchained
  Baron Ojike is Currently Playing: TableTop
  Duke Quielin is Currently Playing: Star Wars: The Old Republic
  Lady Emeritus Roxanne is Currently Playing: TableTop
  Lord Ryland is Currently Playing: Black Desert Online
  Duke Talolan is Currently Playing: TableTop
  Lord Tundrra is Currently Playing: Neverwinter
  Lord Yavool is Currently Playing: Dungeons & Dragons Online
  Lady Zyera is Currently Playing: Guild Wars 2
Members not currently active:
  Knight Alystri
  Squire Ariss
  Lord Emeritus Arthur
  Duke Arttoheed
  Baroness Atria
  Lord Emeritus Ayeone
  Knight Beomomo
  Baron Brambt
  Squire Brandy
  Baron BurleyDawg
  Squire Cmplayer
  Baron Conary
  Lord Emeritus Dalgrin
  Baron Dredge
  Squire Drog
  Knight Edison
  Lord EdU
  Knight Elbrytorn
  Lord Emeritus Fandrall
  Knight Firesong
  Countess Firetress
  Squire Greyyus
  Duke Grimlock
  Grandee Idur
  Countess Jingerette
  Duchess Kennae
  Squire Koeie
  Squire Krisagi
  Countess Lamissa
  Lord Emeritus Lasarian
  Duke Lethos
  Countess Lilla
  Count Malkion
  Champion Malokye
  Duke Maridith
  Squire Miind
  Squire Myrkeni
  Squire Notsotroubie
  Squire Othgar
  Squire Phalken
  Count Piemur
  Knight Poseiden
  Baron Poxi
  Lady Emeritus Raeana
  Baron Ravyn
  Count Riveni
  Duchess Seyella
  Knight Silenteye
  Duke Spugee
  Knight Sroneous
  Count Thyramon
  Count Trebble
  Squire Tsabo
  Knight Tygir
  Squire Velacio
  Baroness Zaenyea
  Squire Zipp
  Squire Zykor